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City Tow Trucks Snag 234 On First Night Of Winter Overnight Parking Ban

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UPDATE!: WGN TV, ABC 7 and WBEZ radio are all reporting that the city plans on having even more tow trucks out on the streets tonight for enforcement of the winter parking ban.

It's not like we didn't try to warn you.

But, according to Streets & Sanitation spokesperson Matt Smith, city tow trucks nabbed 234 cars parked in violation of Chicago's winter overnight parking ban which began at 3 AM this morning.

"In fact we saw a lot more cars we could have towed," said Smith explaining that time ran out for the tow trucks when the ban ended at 7 AM. "We saw blatant scofflaws parked right under the signs."

The 234 towed vehicles is a 40% increase from last year when 167 vehicles were towed on the first night of the ban in 2008. In 2007, the city towed just 145 cars.

Smith also explained that his department has been conducting a public information blitz over the past few weeks getting warnings out to the media and posting fliers multiple times on cars along all 107 miles of streets covered by the ban.

"We want to make sure people know we're serious about the ban," said Smith ominously. "We'll have more (tow trucks) out tonight."



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Bullish said:


Trying to get clarity, if the sign only reads "SNOW ROUTE, No parking when snow is over 2 inches deep" and does not have the "OR" on it, does the 3-7a ban apply? Should they tow the vehicle if the sign only states the afore mentioned and does not state "SNOW ROUTE, No parking Dec 1 - Apr 1 OR when snow is over 2 inches deep"?

Message from Montie said:


For the life of me, I don't understand why so many drivers are acting like this is a surprise. I can clearly see these signs and have dodged them every winter. Hell, I pay for a parking spot at my north side apartment just to avoid them. I don't have time to move my car every single day, especially in areas where the street sweepers come when the shovelers leave. That's too much of a hassle. Read the signs. I think these people are getting caught because they left their car there the day before and just didn't feel like moving it. I'm so paranoid about parking tickets I walk down a whole block before I'll leave my car alone. You get your car towed once, you LEARN!

Mr Windycityxxx said:


Again this is old news,happens every year and people complain about it. Yes the city is full of shit when they say it's for saftey. Yes the signs can be a bit comfusing, but this is CHICAGO. This City's goverment will rip the citizens off every chance it gets so you have to beware and be careful anytime you park on a city street.

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