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164 More Towed On Second Night Of Parking Ban

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Despite even more tow trucks on the streets the second night of Chicago's overnight winter parking ban, it seems that Chicago drivers are finally starting to pay attention.

According to Streets and Sanitation spokesperson Matt Smith, 164 cars wound up on the hook of a tow truck early this morning between 3 AM and 7AM, the hours of the parking ban.

This compares to 142 in 2008 and 154 in 2007. But it nearly ties what the city did on the first night of towing last year which was 167.

"Hopefully, people got the message," said Smith. "The first day we were amazed (at all the illegally parked cars.) We're down a little from last night which is heartening.

On the first night of the winter parking ban, the city towed 234 vehicles.

Smith reiterated the importance of keeping these streets free from parked cars during the winter likening these streets to the arteries in the human heart.

"We just can't afford to let these streets shutdown," said Smith. "We learned the lessons from those (the Blizzard of '67, etc.)"



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Lakeside said:

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Yet another opportunitic way for Chicago to fine, ticket and bankrupt every out of work, high tax paying, non-wealthy resident of this city.
Would somebody please step up to the plate and run for the office of Mayor - we need a new one desperately. Help!

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