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World Record For Parking Tickets?

The Parking Ticket Geek

The Geek is an idiot, who gets a lot of parking tickets, and knows how to fight back.

Tons of Parking Tickets 3.jpg

Got a tip from Mike F. with this great photo attached.

"Hey Geek how many tickets does it take to get the boot?," asked Mike F via e-mail. "Saw this auto today on Leavitt just south of Madison. Thought you might find this photo interesting/funny. Would the meter maids really just keep giving this auto tickets?"

Holy cow! I just had to check it out.

As luck would have it, I had to be down on South Ashland Ave. later in the day, plus I desperately wanted to check out that new controversial hotdog joint, Felony Franks which is right around the corner from where this car was supposed to be.

Hot dog. Fries. Gulp. Yum!

I then drove, literally around the corner and BAM! There it was, like Ahab's white whale.

Amazing really. The driver's side windows were literally covered with a forest of bright orange tickets.

Nearly in shock by all the damn tickets on this poor, neglected Ford Taurus, I took a few of my own photos.

Tons of Parking Tickets 2

Then I tried to count all of them. It took me three times to get the number right because there were tickets everywhere--the windshield, the driver's side of the car and on the street around the vehicle.

I counted 39 physical tickets, but remnants of at least another four for a total of 43.

Now that has to be some sort of record, right?

Even though there was a tow notice on the vehicle, why  hasn't this car been towed by now? It's obviously been sitting abandoned for weeks. My guess someone in Streets & Sanitation really dropped the ball on this one.

Let me give you a tip Streets & San, it's the car covered with orange parking tickets.

In the meantime, hopefully these photos puts your own parking ticket troubles into perspective.

Thanks again to Mike F. for the tip.

UPDATE: My friend Barnet e-mailed to tell me CBS 2 coincidentally did a story about this vehicle. I think Jay Levine may be stalking me?!?!?

But they did some GREAT research, tracked down the owner and tried to dig a bit deeper into the story. Pretty cool piece. Check out the video of the story.

UPDATE #2: Heh, heh. The CBS 2 story got the name of the owner and I had the license plate number.  With that info I was able to check the Dept. of Revenue ticket search webpage.

Grand total?

74 tickets!!!

74 tickets going all the way back to the middle of the summer. That car has been sitting their a long time.

When I get a chance I'm going to add up all the fines.

Check it out for yourself. Go to the City of Chicago Department of Revenue Ticket Search Webpage.

Input the plate number ( H273568 ) and the owner's last name ( Tate ), and check it out yourself. It's fun!



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Michael Lehet said:


This is utterly ridiculous, is this how the city is going to make up the shortfall from the Parking Meter sell-off?

Kevin O'Neil said:


Is this the same car as CBS reported on? If so, it was towed:

dude said:


Too many ticket writers looking for a car to write up...
Maybe some layoffs are in order.

deandrey duffie said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

I think they should give him a boot and I also think they should suspend his liscense until He becomes a law abiding citzen.

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