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City Finally Releases Censored Meter Lease Deal Documents

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Calling all real journalists, amateur journalists, arm chair detectives, political insiders, conspiracy theorists and the like.

This faux journalist is trying to figure it out, and needs your help.

Remember the big dust up regarding the redacted documents from the parking meter lease?

Let me give you the Cliff's Notes version.

The Chicago Reader makes a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the city to produce documents surrounding the bid process for the meter lease.

The city takes it's sweet time producing said documents, but when it does, four pages, representing two agendas are heavily blacked out.


Well, months after the Reader requested the documents, six weeks after 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack requested the unredacted documents at a hearing on the lease deal in a Finance Committee meeting, and "coincidentally" after some prying and calling on our part to a few select City Hall offices, we finally got our hands on the uncensored pages.

And...I'm not sure what the big deal was?

Why all the cloak and dagger stuff on the administration's part? Why did all this information have to be blacked out? Why would these names and agenda item details,  have to be kept from the public?

Look, I'll admit, I'm really not that bright. Especially when it comes to the smoke filled back room political crap.  There's a damn good chance I'm missing something here.

That's why we need your help connecting the dots.

Download, view or print the Before & After documents below. Look them over and add your thoughts, theories (conspiracy or otherwise), input, etc., to our comments section.

I'd love to hear everyone's theories on why this stuff was censored and if there's some "nefarious" information here or not.

I'm confident someone, much smarter and more savvy than myself, can explain it to the slow guy in the room here.




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