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Chicago Closed For Business Monday, But Ticketing, Booting Rolls On

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Parking tickets will continue to be issued and city boot vans will still be busy booting eligible vehicles Monday, despite the entire City of Chicago being essentially, closed for business.

Monday, Aug. 17th, the City of Chicago is observing what's being called a "Reduced-Service Day," according to a press release from the City of Chicago. Only "essential services" like police and fire departments, and for the first time, the Dept. of Revenue's Street Operations, will remain fully operational.

Because of a severe budget deficit, the City had scheduled three reduced-service days for 2009, which will allegedly save the city $8.3 million for the year.

Department of Budget & Management spokesperson Pete Scales says via press release, "Most services not directly related to public safety will not be provided on that day, including refuse pickup.  However, all public safety services, including police and fire, will remain at full strength and will not be impacted by the reduced-service day."

But sources within the Dept. of Revenue and/or the DOR's website, report Parking Enforcement Aides (PEA's) will be fully staffed and issuing tickets, and boot crews will be on the streets booting cars on Monday.

It seems, because of the Daley Administration's growing, gaping hole of a budget deficit, that the revenue produced by parking enforcement, writing parking tickets and booting, are now considered "essential" city services, on par with the police and fire protection.

Of course, because of the parking meter lease deal, meters must be fed 365 days a year. So, just because Monday is a "Reduced-Service Day," it still means you still need to feed your parking meter.

In addition, only one DOR Payment Center (400 W. Superior) will be open to take any type of payment, but especially payments for booted and towed vehicles from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

Payments for booted vehicles only, can be made at Midway Airport, 5500 S. Kilpatrick and O'Hare Airport, 6545 N. Mannheim Road.

City auto pounds will be open as well if your vehicle has been towed and you would like to retrieve it. The auto pounds are located at 1031 S. Doty Avenue and 701 N. Sacramento.

However, if you were planning on having a hearing to contest a parking ticket on Monday, you're out of luck.

"We will have boot hearings only," says Scott Bruner, Director of the Department of Administrative Hearings, via e-mail. "No other cases will be heard. Satellite facilities will be closed."

Boot hearings will only be heard at the city's Central Hearing Facility, also located at 400 W. Superior.

The only good news for street parked vehicle owners is there will be no street cleaning on Monday,  so it won't be necessary to move your car in the morning.



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