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Poverty: blame it on the Democrats? Monday news round up

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A North Carolina blog rounds up the 10 U.S. cities with the highest poverty rates:

1. Detroit , MI 32.5%
2. Buffalo , NY 29.9%
3. Cincinnati , OH 27.8%
4. Cleveland , OH 27.0%
5. Miami , FL 26.9%
6. St. Louis , MO 26.8%
7. El Paso , TX 26.4%
8. Milwaukee , WI 26.2%
9. Philadelphia , PA 25.1%
10. Newark , NJ 24.2%

What do they have in common? 

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Nobody said:

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Not really fair to try to imply a causal relationship just because there is a correlation.

I think it's less likely that poor cities are poor due to Democrats being in charge and more likely that poor people are more likely to vote for Democrats (a well established voting pattern in the US).

Megan Cottrell said:


I don't really think there's a causal relationship either. Just thought it was an interesting blog. I'm sure if we look at states with the highest poverty rates, we'd see the flip - a lot of rural states with high poverty rates and Republican officials.

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