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Monday round up!

Good morning, Chicago! Maybe you spent last week crying your eyes out because of the dreary rain and didn't have time to peruse the latest housing news.

Fear not! It's sunny today, and this trusty reporter has compiled the latest and greatest for your reading pleasure (plus my highly-intelligent comments, of course).

Food pantries brace for increase in hungry schoolchildren - Today's Trib article about kids who won't get school breakfast and lunch just broke my heart. Public housing kids get access to the Summer Food Program, as I mentioned last week, and the article talks about a lot of other resources for hungry children and their parents.

Options in the Desert - great Chicago Journal article about how Walgreens is stocking more fresh food in "food deserts" - places in the city where a grocery stores are nowhere to be found. One question: what's the cost? In my experience, food bought from a convenience store costs quite a bit more for the convenience of it.

The article (and the update) cites a 2006 study, which, among other things, states that: In a typical African-American block, the nearest grocery store is roughly twice the distance as the nearest fast food restaurant." Holy crap! Are you kidding me? That's insane.

Educational island shrinking for Cabrini-Green students - As housing projects close, so do schools. Students at Schiller elementary, which anchors the three remaining "whites" north of Division, will become Jenner students next fall. CHA plans to close all three of those high-rises in 2009.

Investors bet on Detroit housing market - Not Chi-town, but my family's hometown. Investors are scooping up cheap Motor city houses, and a lot of them are hoping to become Section 8 housing, as people have discovered Uncle Sam is one of the only sources of a reliable paycheck these days. Interesting, especially when you look back a few years to when we were scrambling to keep places affordable in the housing bubble. Now, the pendulum has swung back the other way. An upside to a worldwide recession and panic?

Federal grant could help young CHA residents land summer jobs - CTDN's Adrian Uribarri sat through last week's committee meeting with me, and wrote about the extensive variety of options for public housing kids to get paying jobs with valuable work experience.

Did I miss anything? Let me know.  



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