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Gayest Cities in America - Not Chicago

Lenox Magee

Lenox Magee is a freelance journalist and blogger in the Chicagoland area.

Advocate Magazine released a story on the Gayest Cities in America. Sociologist Mike Albo searched for America's 15 gayest burgs--based on a very interesting scale. The research was determined by a completely unscientific but a peculiar statistical equation. Their point system is as follows:

1. Same Sex couples households per capita

2. Statewide Marriage Equality

3. Gay Elected Officials

4. Gay dating and hookup profiles per single man population

5. Gay bars per capita

6. Crusing spots per capita

7. Gay films in NetFlix favorites - Apparently, NetFlix ranks the most popular videos for every major city.

The article reports that Iowa City, Austin, and Asheville have more gays per capita than the bigger cities.  Chicago does not make list but our neighbor Bloomington, Indiana ranks at number 4.

Thumbnail image for gaycitiesleadx390.jpg

"This forward-thinking college town (Bloomington) is a magnet city for gays in the Grain Belt. It's also home to Indiana University, where Miss Gay IU--said to be the first student-sponsored drag competition held on any campus--is in its 20th year. The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction is also here, inspiring the entire town to be heteroflexible."

I was really surprised that we didn't make the cut. But after reviewing their point system, I realized we, Chicago, have a lot of work to do for the LGBTQ community. Have more gay elected officials in our local government (stop the monarchies) and have statewide marriage equality - Come on, Cook County Clerk David Orr and Mayor Daley, what's the hold up? Let's make this happen. And, apparently,we need to rent more gay films from NetFlix.

Atlanta ranks at number 1. We'll get'em next year.



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Katherine Winfrey-King said:


Asheville?! Awesome! I am going there for a couple days to train for cycling with a bunch of dudes. I'll be sure to scour the land for lezzies while I'm there!

Lenox Magee said:


Yes, scour the lands and please let me know how it goes. Who would've thought Asheville was pretty gay? LOL!!

Barbyr said:

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Why does the author say this study is completely unscientific? "A peculiar statistical equation? Only if you don't understand the scientific method, which this author does not.

The criteria sound perfectly logical to me. What other information would he consider scientific enough? Ask everyone if they're gay and then count all of them?

Lenox Magee said:


Barbyr, thanks for your comment. I actually understand the article but I just don't agree with the point system. I think what you're misunderstanding is that I found his "scientific method" not logical; peculiar even. Using NetFlix, Gay Hook-up profiles, Crusing zones as scientice research to determine whether a city is gay or not is a little offensive. Their are other less insulting ways to determine whether a city is the "gayest."

Beany said:


Homosexuality is an abomination of humanity. To accept it is to accept the fall of the society that lets it thrive. Like the Holy Roman Empire fell not from battle with its enemies, but from the decay of the morals of its society. The homos of America must be rounded up and taken by train to a remote Wisconsin compound where they must listen to Vince Lombardi albums, "read" Playboy, and eat peaches while drinking tea (to settle their stomachs) So it is written, so it is done!

Lenox Magee said:


Beany, what time does the train leave? This sound FAB-U-LOUS!

nindi said:

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