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Top 10 Reasons Men Cheat

Steven M. Johnson

Art Direction / Design • Creating Order Out of Chaos

Since the beginning of time there have been men & women. And since then, we have had cheating. So, why is it so hard for so many couples to practice monogamy? 

I know a lot of women have their own opinions of why men cheat. They, all to quickly, say it's because: men are just dogs; men are greedy; men are immature; men don't know what they want; men can't be faithful, just to name a few. And, that may apply for some of us. But, I just couldn't accept those simple explanations. I believed there was something more profound than, "men are just no good cheating dogs." So, I questioned a large number of my male single, married and divorced friends, family and colleagues to get the "Man's" point of view. Here are the results compiled into a "Top Ten List" titled "Top 10 Reasons Men Cheat." 

Hopefully, this list will be helpful to both sexes in our continuing "Love & War" battle. 

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