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Art galleries as a backdrop: A great place for art and lifes experinces

Andre Guichard

Artist, Curator, Gallery Owner, Father, Husband

One of the most momentous and auspicious occasions in our history spurred a memorable series of events of presidential debate viewing parties that recently took place at an art gallery. Neighbors and collectors gathered to listen to the presidential debates and were able to share and learn different perspectives.
debate 3 first.jpg

The galleries on the south side in many cases have become a meeting place where like-minded people enjoy and experience a wide variety of life experiences with the backdrop of beautiful art. Through creating an environment that is comfortable, inviting and allow a platform for a variety of events, the gallery has helped to create a new reality and comfort level for people who otherwise might not visit an art gallery. Because of intimidation or just lack of awareness, often an introduction to a gallery or fine art may occur by circumstance, but later leading to an awareness and sparked interest. It also can help remove some of the stigma associated with art galleries, being cold and uninviting.

debate 2.jpg

Living with art, is a wonderful experience. For some, the first interactions, have started with being at and around events with art, this has created an interest for art in their very own living space.

Art plays many roles, and is a common thread for many people from all walks of life woven together. In this case the fine art gallery has played a role as a cornerstone and meeting place for a variety of platforms.

This phenomena, if continued, could also help bring the community closer together and facilitate group awareness about a variety of current issues. Change is constant and seeing a community use and embrace a place of art as a familiar and comfortable backdrop, may very well be the bridge which opens the doors to talking about other important issues, and at the same time bring the awareness of the artists and their individual fingerprints of creativity.

Artistically yours,

Andre Guichard



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