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Fine Art South of Roosevelt Road: One of Chicago's best kept secrets

Andre Guichard

Artist, Curator, Gallery Owner, Father, Husband

 Fine Art South of Roosevelt Road is a blog for everyone. It is for anyone from any cultural background interested in an education about fine art and artists south of Roosevelt road, and beyond. It is also for anyone interested in expanding and maturing their fine art collection to include the diversity of artists of color. It is also for people who may or may not already collect, but want to learn about new artists, collectors and upcoming art events south of Roosevelt. Here resides an art community that is often invisible to the mainstream but has been a community within the larger community for 70 plus years.

Gallery Guichard Art di gras III

It is without question a cultural phenomena that stands on the shoulders of the South Side Community Art Center, that paved the way for other contemporary galleries in the community, such as Steele Life Gallery, Faie African Art, and Gallery Guichard.

The mission of Fine Art South of Roosevelt Road is to peel back the many skins of the onion. I am using the onion as a metaphor to describe the many layers of artists: emerging, mid-career, and masters and the density of the collector community, that include collector clubs like Diasporal Rhythms
a very culturally rich multifaceted community.  

Thumbnail image for artists pic.jpg

A day in Bronzeville (200 plus artists on the steps of SSCAC) Photo by John Moye www.jromain.com

During this wonderful and exciting journey, I will introduce you
to over 100 artists (many published in books; collected by
museums; and part of corporate and private collections, nationally and internationally).
A lot of these works of art are produced south of Roosevelt Road.  Additionally, we will also introduce you to many artists who are part of the African Diaspora - the spreading out of the people of African descent.

Thumbnail image for 2009 National Urban League  Conference Fine Art Exhibit Hosted by Gallery Guichard.jpg

2009 National Urban League Conference Fine Art Exhibit Curated by Gallery Guichard

I will also introduce you to 100 plus collectors who reside south of Roosevelt Road, (many with hundreds of fine art works in their collection). The
journey will take you into the homes of hundreds of collectors from all walks of life, business owners, doctors, lawyers, television news anchors, professional athletes, mounted police officers, teachers, simply put, people from all walks of life with a common thread who have love for the art and artists of the African Diaspora. Many of these collectors live around the country and travel to Bronzeville to find their treasures.
Bronze sculpture.jpg


 The initial journey will start with the South Side Community Art Center, that is approaching it's 70th anniversary. We will then continue to peel back the skin of the onion and rotate the focus from collectors to artists and other art institutions.


"Mar di Gras Parade" Andre Guichard

 Lastly, we will tell you about great art events south of Roosevelt Road and keep you informed, about the many wonderful exhibitions around the country, as our artists and galleries take their exhibitions on the road. We invite you to come and experience the renaissance for yourself.



Artistically yours,

Andre Guichard                        



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DLT said:

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Thanks Andre, I look forward to reading more of your posts

Bruce B. Jefferson said:

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I look forward to the review of the artists and collectors that you will soon post. This should prove to be quite an interesting perspective on art and will showcase the various tastes in art that the collectors will provide. I feel strongly that the new eyes reviewing your blog will stay on board to see all of the developments that your reviews will produce. Undoubtedly, a new group of collectors will step forward.

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