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Today until 11:59 pm Will donate 100% of every dollar towards the relief fund for Japan.

Star Wars Collectables

Wednesday March 9, 2011 at 12pm ET throughSaturday, March 12, 2011 at noon, Gilt CHILDREN ( invites members to a curated selection of 30 hard-to-find vintage collectibles.
This collection of 30 hard to find Star Warspieces is a treasure trove of vintage goodness.  All items were rated by the Action Figure Authority (AFA), so rest assured that everything is collectible-grade and the condition is accurately represented.  Thus the rarity of these authentic, sentimental items is truly invaluable.  From single figures, to playsets, to one ultra-rareImperial Forces 3-pack--it's the perfect find for any die-hard collector. 

Get it nerds!
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Unisex Sells

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for IMG_2721_HDR-1024x682.jpg

In 2007 Chicago was blessed with the presence of two ghosts in the form of a boutique, Bonnie and Clyde. The boutique not only graced the Wicker Park area with elevated style. Bringing iconic designers like Rick Owens and Vivienne Westwood into the hands of the fashion cult. They also have not only the most passionate team, who love the designers but also know enough about each of them to blow your mind. They also have the lead buyer for Bonnie and Clyde in the store more often than not (that is when he isn't at fashion shows) gives you a rare chance to look into the fabricated future of the store. 

Thumbnail image for getitin1 copy.jpg

My personal favorite aspect about the store is that it has been revamped into a unisex store. Which shouldn't scare you off. That just means they have pieces of clothing that can be worn by anyone. like shirts, jackets, vest and sweaters. As well as jeans that come in a variety of sizing options. The store space is infatuating by it's self. With detailing from wall to wall that screams luxury. You could enter the store just to look at the set up alone.

Take a stroll in sometime. Their address is 1751 W Division St. Go on and quench your curiosities thrust. Don't be afraid to try stuff on while you are there. Tell them I sent you in.
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Images 1 and 3 from B&C's blog and 2 taken by Kaleb Yetter


by Tommy Ton


Can you tell I'm ready for colors picked this up from Streetfsn

Snagged from Nikki Moose of DirtyFlaws 



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Most Needed Summer Accessories

Socks that make your shoes pop! Get on it.

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Lanvin's ad campaign. Python clutch for men.    

Staying Ahead of The Pact

One of my favorite blogs is My MANy Bags because we both share a love for the aesthetic of style, androgyny, bags and luxury.
I was more than ecstatic when I realized we also share a love for the man clutch (or portfolio). I did a post about the man clutch around 2 years ago on my old blog and I still really like the look. Why not do it again? 
I am a guy who likes bags for different reasons. I believe you should never carry your wallet in your back pocket. Unless it's a faded distressed look you're going for. The fiction and pressure put on the pocket when sat on eventually destroys the material and that's never fun to deal with. The Denim Doctors can only do so much. Neither should you put your phone in your front pocket.
Unexpected things come up all the time and a good businessman is always prepared. Business cards for new clients, something to write down ideas, Pen, Pencil, maybe a snack (hahaha?), your Blackberry Playbook (cannot wait for the release!), iPad or another tablet or laptop, chap-stick, gum, lighter (even if you don't smoke. I have met some very interesting people by carrying a lighter and not being a smoker), wallet, cellphone, (an organizer if you don't use your phone), keys and digital camera. Which is far too much for someone to carry just on his person alone. Of course, you could always carry a briefcase but they are so boxy and boring. I know when I carried one it always hit me in the leg, not fun.
The look isn't for every man a lot of men don't have the confidence to carry a clutch. The secrete is to get something masculine. The simple envelope shape is the common pick among the fashion blogging men I know as well as the New York business men caught on street style blogs.    
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I have been working on styling a commercial which has been why I haven't been blogging much. Here's a taste of what's to come. 
No More Nightmares Vid stil.jpg
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What's In for Spring?

If you follow my twitter account (@BraggStyle) you've already seen the list of trends to shop for this spring and summer. To all of you who don't follow me, shame on you. If you have seen the shows for this coming season you will have noticed these as well. 

1. Stripes; Prada & Jil Sander

Jil Sander SS11.2.jpg

2. Neon Colors; Jil Sander & Armani
Jil Sander SS11.1.jpg


3. Alternative Suiting Options; Thom Browne & Comme Des Garcons


4. Printed Suit; Calvin Klein & Givenchy


5. Splatter Effect; Kenzo & Dries Van Noten
Kenzo Spring 2011.jpg

Dries Van Norten spring 2011.jpg

6. White; 3.1 Phillip Lim & Giorgio Armani
3.1 PL.jpg

8. Camp Shirts; Burberry Prorsum & Louis Vuitton
Burberry Prorsum spring 2011.jpg

Louis Vuitton spring 2011.jpg

9. New Cuts; Raf Simons & Adam Kimmel

Adam Kimmel.1.jpg
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Museum Works Gallery Opening



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Valentine is coming up let a celebrity stylist, Lee Harris, to the stars help you find an amazing gift for your special lady. 

Gilt stylist

New Years Weekend; The photo story

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Vintage leather bowtie/ Button up- H&M/ Harness back blazer- BCBG/ Overcoat- Diesel 

I hope you all had a smashing, safe NYE. When the ball dropped glitter exploded in the air.
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5 Days Left

Welcome to the Gold Coast! Time to get some major gift ideas for the business savvy man. You can never go wrong with a unique button up. My choice A Child Of The Jago contrast shirt. I love when a shirt has an interesting pop of detail. Next on the list an iPad, a gift that keeps on giving. Not only can he use it for business emails and keeping track of meetings on the calender but he can also use it for fun. Cuff links for special occasions to spark conversations. Bow tie with flair for everyday wear. And of course a great bag to make travel easy from meeting to lunch to meeting.

Happy holiday shopping

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6 Days Left

We can always use some help shopping during the holidays. So for the next 6 days I will be posting some ideas for your guy mainly based around different area's in Chicago.

Today, let's start with my favorite the Wicker area. 1st some candles from Anthropologie. Why? Because they actually look really cool! they are shirt collars and fun little decorative pieces to add around the apartment or house. The MCMC fragrance team came up with a beard oil. Dude No. 1 is a combination of earthy tones that is something I am really obsessed with. The scent of the earth in the city is always a pleasant and everyone loves an amazing smelling person. Another amazing piece a black ceramic watch, I have recently become obsessed with ceramic pieces because of the clean powerful look of them. Honestly, a watch is an amazing gift idea. What about a bottle opener? We Chicagoans love to drink. Not just a bottle opener but a decorative one. The deer antler opener is a personal favorite but There's so many other great ones you can find. Jack & Jones plaid shirts are super popular around here, can't have too many. Also popular is biking. What goes well with biking? listening to music, so headphones. Eskuche 33 1/3 retro Headphones specifically. Also, OBSESSED with this bag. Someone should get it for me 

Happy Holiday Shopping
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A Little Holiday Treat for Me!

Raf Simons is among one of my favorite brands this video just gets me and the two tone detailed top and jacket. YES PLEASE. 

Holiday Trunk Show

Groom Trunk Partyflyer003.jpg

Holiday gifts for everyone, and yourself. What more can you ask for Sir & Madame clothes, No More Nightmare candles, Style Cooperative neckwear, and a suit from Gilbert Tolbert.

Shopping never looked so easy. 

A Little Holiday Treat!

DAFT PUNK - DEREZZED (From the Tron Legacy Soundtrack) from Warren Fu on Vimeo.

The Man Bag

Jak & Jil went up the hill to fetch some matching outfits.
They both thought "great, these are less lame."
And walk down with some fashion.
Bags have evolved from being the women's only carry all to a unisex piece EVERYONE can use. With days filled to the brim with business meetings, lunches and social events we could all use a way to make the days transition easier.

Same Shit Different Day/ Fuct Inc. Spring preview


Yesterday, I met an amazingly fashionable couple. I was desperately annoyed that I didn't have a camera on me. Well I want to dedicate this post to them and hopefully I will run into them soon to document their style sense. 

SSDD preview for the spring collection is a fun one. With a rock-a-billy sense of style and some paraphernalia references to show their lighthearted style it's hard not to be entertained. I personally can not wait to see the full lookbook!

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Gilt Men and Braggadocio Agree

All men could use a little more velvet.

Check it out.
Can't say I don't know what's up. 

Editorial; Dazed & Confused Pt. 2 (Ft. Daft Punk)

Dazed & Confused December featuring Daft Punk styled by Robbie Spencer and photographed by Sharif Hamza in 3D. The 95th issue features the superstar D.j. duo literally because of the surprise and hype of their involvement for Tron Legacy's soundtrack. And I am not mad about that at all.

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Show Talk Rad Hourani

Say hello to Mr. Hourani's 6th collection. Keeping his "color" scheme of black and white unisex pieces. Even though most designers claim versatility Rad really backs it up. This collection is 3 jackets, a pair of pants, and a single top. Color you surprised? I think so. Want to check out his incredible work? Stop into Bonnie & Clyde's.

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A Few Favorite Things

I actually did the quickest post for this store on my old blog. here. The first second in the store my eyes widened and I lost my breath. A little peak of NYC right here in Wicker, color me sold. If you haven't clicked on the link yet, shame on you. I'm talking about Bonnie & Clydes one of the boutiques in Chicago that specialize in bringing our city fashion that we wouldn't get normally. Brands they carry include some of my all time favorites like Rick Owens and Rad Hourani. The boutique is designed to help give your luxurious desires fits of creativity.     
 So until I do a proper profile on the store I will leave you with their unisex line video.

and in honor of my old blog a Dead Weather song 

The Dead Weather - "I Cut Like a Buffalo" from Vern Moen on Vimeo.

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Show Talk Givenchy

The shows in Paris are by far some of my favorites. The sense of avant-garde being everyday wear is what really sells it for me. Givenchy is no exception, spinal column necklaces, bug-ish leather masks, and more leopard print that I ever thought I could be okay with. Riccardo Tisci (creative director of Givenchy) has this abruptly apparent fascination with darker things, Darth Vader would be proud. In the few years that he has been working for the brand he has really brought a sense of a unique luxury. Not only does he uphold an elegance that men are comfortable with but he also asks you to push your wardrobe to another level. Sporting skorts and jumpsuits that look like a two piece suit it's hard not to find yourself fascinated with the little details of this collection. 

Something I always encourage shoppers to do is think about what pieces are unique to you. Do you already have 5 shirts that look like this one? Then you don't need a 6th. I am a sucker for detailing. Little things make clothing look more expensive and more luxurious. Mr. Tisci and I share a very similar ascetic taste, the truth is in the details. 

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Gilt City Contest!


The Gilt group was kind enough to invite some of Chicago's bloggers out to breakfast to talk more about the launch of Gilt City Chicago. Gilt City offers savings to hotspots around the city.  So for the special occasion I decided to have a contest. I am offering a lucky reader a $50 gift card to Gilt to be used however you please! 

All you have to do to win the Gift Cards is send an email to telling me who is your style icon and why they inspire you. easy right!? Well get on it! send your emails in! 

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Sir & Madame's Candles!

Sir & Madame Expands Private Label to Include Candles - a Collaboration with Joya Studios

Chicago, IL  -- Sir & Madame's newest release could not be more timely.  Just as the Fall air begins to crisp and people feel the need to get a little cozy, Sir & Madame releases a set of luxurious candles that truly capture the essence of their "Urban Sophisticate" brand. The hand-poured, soy-wax blend candles are a collaborative effort with New Yorkbased, Joya Studio and are available in two alluring scents. Continuing with the His-and-Her motif, Sir & Madame No. 1 features a natural wax and fresh, crisp note, while Sir & Madame No. 2 is black wax and has a sultry tone. Both scents offer 75 hours of burn time and retail at $38. 

The candles are available in-store and online now.  Phone orders are also accepted. 

Sir & Madame

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