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10 Reasons Why the Super Bowl week is SUPER as a player! (Besides the Game)

Matt Ulrich

I am a former NFL player and Super Bowl Champion. I've taken the hard work and knowledge I gained during my athletics career and now use it to help others achieve their fitness and athletic dreams.

The Super Bowl hype is on! Both the Colts and the Saints are settled in South Florida for the big week.  Most people don't realize how surreal the week before America's largest sporting event really is. Playing for the Colts in 2006 I got to experience first hand all the details that make Super Bowl week as a player well...SUPER!!!

Here is my top ten list of why Super Bowl week is great as a player:

10)Super Bowl Locker Room: After the landing the first night, the team loads up the buses and goes to the stadium.  Every player is recording and wrapping off pictures.  Then you walk into the locker room where you get to see your Super Bowl locker. What a dream to have 'Ulrich' stamped on your game jersey, name plate, and helmet.
9)Snipers at Practice: That's right how could you feel more safe then having marksmen guarding you as you prepare for the big game?  I vividly remember one sniper watching through his scope as he ate Cheetos.

8)FREE Cadillac for the week: At least in 2006, Cadillac provided a car for every player on the team to drive for the week. No rent-a-car person to deal with, just take the keys and have it back by Saturday.
7)Media Day: Nothing like 50 players being like stampeded by over 2,0000 members of the media.  Everyone from ESPN to CNN is there.  I did interviews with Telemundo to MSNBC to a promo for the United States Armed Forces. 
6)Family Event: The Colts paid for everyone's family to get to the Super Bowl.  It was an amazing experience that my mom and dad will never forget. When we weren't practicing or watching film we had free to spend time with them and explore Miami.
5)S.W.A.G.: Stuff We All Get.  Everyday you come back to your room and there is more Super Bowl hats, visors, t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, and other gear awaiting you. We even got one of the first Ipod nanos with wireless headphones the day before the big game.  I left with one bag and came back with three.
4)Police Escort: Nothing says IMPORTANT like cutting off everybody with a host of police vehicles.  This is a pretty standard event in sports, but it was especially awesome to see everyone with their earphones in focused and ready to go.
3)The Post Game Parade: When we got back to Indy it was about 5 degrees out.  Our fans had been waiting on the street for hours. Each position got their own float and we toured the downtown getting cheered by our fans who I'm sure were freezing.  It was topped off by pulling up into the RCA dome where 50,000 crazy fans packed the place to celebrate.
2)Running Out of the Tunnel:Super Bowl intro, 80,000 screaming fans, United States National Anthem, military fly-by... enough said. If that doesn't give you goose bumps hop on a bus to Canada.
1) The Trophy: Holding that Vince Lombardi Trophy solidifies it... WORLD CHAMPIONS.  What more could any football player want?



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