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Running for a Charity... Autism Speaks!

Connie (Marathon MissFit)

I have the office lifestyle of Pam Beasley, the fabulousness of Lauren Conrad, and the witty repartee of Homer J. Simpson

You're not going to find many serious posts on this blog, but I felt that this one was important so here we are. As I mentioned before I had not yet signed up for the marathon but was planning on doing so through a charity which would require me to raise money for a worthy cause while I get into shape.
Talk about tough!  There are so many amazing charities that have signed up to be a part of the marathon this year. I was having a really difficult time choosing just one. But I am happy to say that I am officially registered for the 10/10/10 Chicago Marathon through the fabulous charity, Autism Speaks!

Registration pic.PNG






Now let me explain why. Somehow, and I'm not sure who followed who first, but @RainBowProject and I started following each other a few months ago.  All I know about her is that she is a woman who according to her old Twitter bio "[Has an amazing son] who happens to have Autism."  I loved that phrasing. I loved that she didn't make it the be all and end all of her son and her life, and just from her brief bio and extremely colorful page, you can definitely tell that she lives life in an awesome way.
Flash forward to me picking a charity. Like I said I was obsessing over this for days and scanning through all the different charities when I saw @RainBowProject write this on Twitter:

Autism Tweet.JPG




was in tears. I don't know this woman or her wonderful son, but I do know what it's like to eat lunch alone and it sucks. And what sucked more was that her son is clearly an amazing kid who's going through something that will provide him great strength and tremendous character, but because he's a preteen his classmates can't see that yet.
I am running for Autism because @RainBowProject was kind enough to show people what it is like having a loved one who "happens to have Autism." I'm hoping that through the amazing work that Autism Speaks does with research, public awareness, and support that it will help those who are impacted by Autism.
So...want to help out?
In order to run for Autism Speaks, I am required to raise at least $1,500 by race day. I'm hoping that I've got enough friends following me and people who owe me favors (Carolyn, remember when I helped you moved that dining room table?) to get there, but I want to contribute as well, so...
I will match the first $1,000 donated to my online donation page.
That's a lot of dollars, but I figure since I'm getting in shape, I'll probably be saving a lot of money on control top panty hose and expandable waist jeans in the future, so it all works out! 
Here is my personalized link, http://events.autismspeaks.org/chicagomarathon/conniereyes.  ANY donation that you are willing to make would be greatly appreciated and goes straight to Autism Speaks- so please consider helping out.  And please don't be shy when you fill out your info, I'd love to send you a shout out and big thank you!



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Bex said:



Kara said:

Saw your story on the Autism Speaks Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/autismspeaks?ref=nf

All of us with loved ones affected by autism thank you for your support. Good luck to you!

Connie (Marathon MissFit) said:


Kara thank you for pointing this out to me, I didn't realize it spread so quickly, great to see social media hard at work for such a good cause! I'm honored to help out in any way that I can. =)

Maria said:

My hats off to you for taking on this cause....Good Luck....

O'Reyes2 said:


Hooray for you!!! Ill start saving my pennies!!!

Kris said:

Thanks for running Connie - your semi-blog :) made me cry. Our family has autism and we're so grateful for people like you who make the world a better place for our kids, even if you've never met them. Thank you!

Lauren Kaminsky said:


Great cause! :)

Bex said:


So what's the program like? When does it start and where do you guys run? Are you doing a run/walk training style?

Connie (Marathon MissFit) said:


From what I can tell its an online coaching type thing where I can go to for questions, but they have a FB page for the local runners so I'm guessing they'll have impromptu runs and things like that. =)

David Wallach said:


Good job!!!!

Kristi Colvin said:


Lori, @rainbowproject, is one of my best friends in the world, and her son Matt is a funny, wise, quirky, smart, painfully honest when you least want to hear it, growing boy. I'm lucky enough to hear about the things he says and does that both amuse us and make us proud. This is seriously one of the coolest things anyone has ever done for Lori, who herself helps other kids with unique abilities and challenges, so thank you! I will be donating and sharing this on Twitter. I so appreciate this gesture on behalf of my loved ones!

Terri Toomey said:


Great choice!

Nancy said:

you are the best! I'm making my contribution right now!

Steph Yiu said:



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