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Wrigley Talk Friday Up Today at 1:00 pm CT

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Wrigley Talk Friday: 1:00 pm CT

The latest edition of Wrigley Talk Friday is up today at 1:00 pm CT. It'll be just Adam and me today, so please call in, people! I have no idea what we're going to talk about for 30 minutes, otherwise.

Listen here.

Call-in number: 347-989-8945

Wanna talk managers? Strasburg v. Prior? What we have left to look forward to?

Give us a call, we're up for anything today.

Cubs Fans and Racism: A Very Special LOHO Podcast



When: Monday, August 31, 2009 8:00 pm CT

Where:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aleagueofherown

Call-in Number:  (347) 884-8570

All kidding aside, I know the allegations about Cubs fans and racism raised by Milton Bradley (but not for the first time) have upset a lot of fans. They've upset me. What's been even more distressing is the rift the discussions (arguments? invective-filled rants?) have created between blogs, friends, and presumably, Cubs players and fans.

To be honest, both sides have points to make. However, instead of talking about racism, an issue that affects ALL of us in this country, in a constructive manner, the discussion has devolved into a lot of people franticallly posting borderline-deranged (thanks, Proggy) comments insulting those who disagree with them.

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Podcast Tonight!

 The oddest thing happened to me today. I went away for the weekend for my little brother's wedding, had a great time, got a wonderful new little sister-in-law, and came back to find the Cubs in first place.

Mind you, all this appears to have happened with Uncle Milty AND Soriano finding ways to contribute to the game, Harden pitching well at Wrigley in warm weather, and Groggles saving games instead of blowing them.

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

In order to celebrate whatever cosmic alignment has caused this latest win streak to take place, and to make whatever ritual sacrifices may be necessary to the baseball gods (I'm thinking we offer them millertime or summerguy), Matt and I will be hosting an abbreviated podcast tonight.

Grab your party hats and join us.

The call in number for questions, making fun of Julie, snarky comments, and threats is  (347) 884-8570.

Cubs v. Sox Game Recap/Podcast Preview

"And Jim is SURE this is the team I was supposed to have?"

Well, that sucked. If you can stand to read the recap, feel free to help yourself here.

Personally, I've found this day to be pretty depressing. We lose to the Sox, I have to buy cheap beer for an over-the-hill former Sock, the US Men's Soccer Team completely choked in our biggest game EVER against Brazil, and Billy Mays is dead.

I invite everyone to vent their frustrations over this team, Lou, Milton, the barage of media coverage of Michael Jackson's body, and whatever else you want to talk about tonight at LOHO's weekly podcast tonight at 8:00 CT/9:00 ET. Topics this week will include Matt and I arguing over who was stupider in the Lou/Milton smackdown, why Cubs fans just can't let DeRosa go, and WTF is wrong with our bullpen?

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Podcast at 8:00 CT/9:00 ET

Pea pods


Don't forget to tune in tonight as topics for the LOHO podcast tonight include the firing of Gerald Perry, the Cubs' continued inability to hit a baseball, and WTF goes on inside Uncle Milty's head.

Click here to listen.

Call (347) 884-8570 for an air questions and comments.

Sunday Night Game Thread/Podcast Preview 7:05 CT/8:05 ET ESPN

Just say no to Joe

Tonight, for the first time this season, the game and the podcast will run simultaneously. Could you be more excited? Me either! If you perfer the dulcet tones and insipid comments of Joe Morgan to witty banter and hilarious observations about Cub players, then by all means feel free to dial in to ESPN. Otherwise, hit that handy-dandy "mute" button and listen to Matt and me make insightful comments about the game, such as "how long do you thank Marshall's legs really are?", "do we think david patton is an albino?", and "did the gatorade dispenser cause the horrible start to this season?"

To listen to the podcast, click here. To call in with drole comments and questions, call               (347) 884-8570       .

Tonight Sean Marshall (3-3) and his legs takes on Eric Milton (1-0). Will the first game post-Gatorade dispenser be a victory? Tune it to ESPN tonight to find out!

Game Recap/Podcast Preview

Try not giving up so many hits next time

All good things must come to an end, including really fun 5-game win streaks that pull you within half a game of first.

This is about all you need to know:

Derrek Lee hit a solo homer and an RBI double for the Cubs. Rich Harden (4-2), who took the loss, gave up four runs on six hits over six innings while striking out seven. The loss ended his personal win streak at four.
Oh, and believe it or not, Derrek Lee, who OBVIOUSLY has been listening to the LOHO podcasts (wherein we discuss replacing him with Hufflepuff on a weekly basis), went 5-4 today.
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Podcast Preview

Alfonso has questions, we have amateur comments on those questions


Hey, we won! Whaddya know about that?

While the losing streak was finally broken, we still have a whole lotta issues with this team. Pigpen, Ramirez, what Lou's thinking, Pigpen, etc. Join Matt and I tonight at 8:00 pm CT/9:00 pm ET to discuss today's game and all the news in Cubdom.

Click on the "This Week In Cubs with Julie and Matt" to listen and chat. And don't forget to call in (347) 884-8570 with your questions, comments, and just to give vent to your rage.

Some of the topics we'll discuss tonight:

-The Pigpen: Evil or Just Really Bad?
-Aramis Ramirez: Cubs Who Keep Breaking Your Heart & the Fans that Love Them
-Cub Injuries: What's Up With Those?
-The 2009 Season: Is is still early?

As always, get your Cub of the Week, Cubs BFF of the Week, and Goat of the Week ready to share.

See you in 90 minutes.

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