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Tuesday Headlines: Just Some Stuff

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Carrie Muskat has kept headlines afloat over the holidays, but Bruce Miles is back from vacation, and has information we actually have interest in. First up, Mr. Miles says that Jim Hendry is still hot on the trail of a new starting pitcher

The Cubs still are looking for a starting pitcher, but nothing appears imminent as far as a trade or a free-agent signing goes. Either way, it could make for a lively fan session with the GM during the Saturday part of the convention program.

Lively fan session, indeed. The Cubs Con recap from Julie should be extra fun this year. Speaking of Cubs Con, all sings have indicated that the new radio color man would be hired before the convention this year. Mr. Miles isn't so sure.

I also don't expect any quick announcement on a successor to the late Ron Santo in the Cubs radio booth. There are a lot of candidates and two entities _ the Cubs and WGN radio _ as part of the process.

Sorry, Doc. It might be awhile before you get your good news.

Speaking of the Cubs Convention, should you wish to be there for all the lively discussions, there are still tickets and rooms available at the Hilton.

Still trying to decide whether to go to the Cubs Convention? There are still rooms available at the Hilton Chicago for the event, Jan. 14-16. Staying at the host hotel is much easier than staying somewhere else in Chicago -- you might even bump into Sean Marshall or Kerry Wood in the elevator. Plus, you get a weekend pass to the Convention for $20 each. There is a limit of four passes per room.

In the few years that I've been paying close attention to the Cubs' offseason, I can't remember when Cubs Con tickets lasted much more than  a week. Expect the fans there to be passionate and pissed off.



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gravedigger said:


Passionate and pissed off? That's usually my game, and I can't even manage a mild boo. I'm just resigned to this team's suckage.

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


Every time I see the notices about tickets still being available, I think I should go. Then I realize I have much better ways to spend my money.

Doc said:


Damn, I should have talked to you before I re-upped on the season tickets. A day doesn't pass where I don't regret re-upping. That will probably change come opening day...but right now, I really wish I had that money available to me.

flyball said:


I'd try to talk you into it, but I have no idea how the new owners are going to handle CubsCon and if they screw it up I'd feel bad about telling you to make the drive

sloan peterson said:

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1. Some how I don't think any random Cubs fans is going to get to "bump into " Kerry Woods/Sean Marshall- I think security will be pretty tight there.
2.That dummy bears an amazing resemblence to Selig....

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


Charlie McCarthy may be Selig's father.

sloan peterson said:

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Then Selig would be a chip off the old block?(it writes itself)

HackWilson09 said:


Happy new year, all.

You know I was just thinking about how disappointed I am with Jim Hendry's inactivity this winter, until it occurred to me...

Hendry doing nothing means he's not doing something stupid!

Unless you count the Pena signing, of course. That was pretty dumb, but hey, what's ten million over two years for a .196 hitter? Chump change, eh? Just ignore the Brad Hawpe contract for $3 million...

Gzeeb said:

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I didn't know Charlie & Edgar were big Cubs Fans, but I guess we the fans are actually the dummies for even caring about this team anymore......

Teebob2000 said:


HA!! Well played.

kiwibob said:


That's a dummy?
And there I was thinking Hendry had signed a new second baseman...

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