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Cubs Convention 2011 Is In The Books: A Look Back

First thing is first today: A huge LOHO CONGRATULATIONS to our own Doc_Blume, who welcomed baby boy Sebastian Blume to the world today.  Best wishes to the Blume family--save the kid some heartache and make him a Yankees fan.


Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune

Before we get to the Cubs Con recap, we're getting some more information on the prospects the Cubs got in return for our last starting lefty, Tom Gorzelanny:

The Cubs will receive Michael Burgess, a 22-year-old outfielder with a strong arm, Class A right-hander A.J. Morris, a fourth-round pick in 2009, and Class A left-hander Graham Hicks. None were rated among the Nationals' top 10 prospects.

Somehow, I feel like James Russell just got promoted.

I know that some you you hate, nay LOATHE, Twitter, and I promised to put up my Twitter feed from Cubs Con this weekend. The following encompasses mostly the first two sessions of Cubs Con Saturday morning, which were "The Ricketts Family" and "Meet the Management." This is the case because, after "Meet The Management," I basically walked and around got food and was basically worthless as a reporter. I'm sure you understand.

9:07 am: Ricketts Family Session here at Cubs Con. Here we go. . .

9:10 am:  Cubs wil wear #10 patch for Santo this year. #CubsCon

9:10 am: Ron Santo statue to be unveiled on August 10.

9:13 am: T Ricketts talking about the importance of bringing up young players the right way. Have made changes in scouting and player devel #CubsCon

9:15 am: Tom: Cubs will shortly announce details of better facility in D.R. 20% of players are dominican or from nearby.

9:16 am: Tom: We're looking very very hard at issues at Wrigley to make sure we have Wrigley for our kids and grandkids. #CubsCon

9:17 am: Tom: #cubs will ramp up charitable work in 2011. Want to be top team in baseball in terms of giving back to the community. 

9:19 am: First speaker to Tom: You probably remember my question from last year . . . #CubsCon

9:21 am: RT @PWSullivan: Undercover Todd: "My 15 minutes are over. I'll go back to focusing on baseball." Uh oh.

9:22 am: First SABR question of he day. Fan, like all of us, wants to know what happened to Ari Kaplan.

9:23 am: Tom: #Cubs have started making shift in using quantitative analysis (SABR). Need to strike a balance.

9:24 am:Guy asking question now sounds just like the guy who made the Elaine mannequin on 'Seinfeld.'

9:27 am: Laura saying something about Mesa. I didn't hear it because @Aisle424 is distracting me. 

9:28 am: Tom on Wrigley Renovation Plan: We could have handled that a little better. #CubsCon 

9:29 am: Poor @CubsInsider is still stuck in a suit in this sweltering ballroom. Free @CubsInsider! 

9:31 am: Biggest applause so far for the guy who complains about batter walk-up music. THIS is why people hate #Cubs fans.   

9:32 am: Laura: When Wrigley is renovated, they will change facade to bring back old charm. @flyball  beyond stoked 

9:34 am: Tom: Cubs hired more scouts and are increasing non-payroll spending this year. They are committed to developing and bringing up young guys.  

9:35 am:Fan to Ricketts: How on earth do you let Ryne Sandberg leave organization? And how does Jim Hendry still have a job? BIG APPLAUSE. 

9:36 am: Tom very gracious talking about Ryno. Says he's always welcome and Cubs hope to have him back at CubsCon in the future. 

9:37 am: Tom: over the last year, we've grown in confidence with Hendry. (crowd grumbles) 

9:40 am: Gayle from somewhere gives Ka-doos (kudos) to the Ricketts. Then forgets her question. #Awesome #CubsCon 

9:40 am: RT @Cubbiefan161: @JulieDiCaro @BrianBernardoni You guys are tweeting faster than @CarrieMuskat Thanks for the play-by-play!

9:42 am: Ricketts famil asked to define 'Cubs Baseball.' This should be good.

9:47 am: Tom: We'd like to bring ASG back to Wrigley, but have to get renovations done first. 2016 will be 100-year anniversary of Cubs in Wrigley

 9:48 am: Fan asking Todd about why he threw away hotdogs. #CubsCon

9:54 am: Fan: 'Have you guys ever considered hiring more veterans? I mean, the Giants got a bunch of vets last year and look what happened to them.

10:04 am: We've moved on to 'meet the management.' Sitting on the floor in back with @CubsInHaiku and @Aisle424 

10:05 am: Bloggers sitting on the floor of 'Meet The Management' with laptops among the television cameras. We look like 'real' press. #CubsCon  

10:06 am: Quade on what changed for the last 6 weeks of the season: We got Zambrano back and he pitched like a son of a gun.

10:06 am:  Quade: We told the young kids it was time to stop being young kids. We told teh veterans we were going to lean on them like crazy. 

10:07 am:  Hendry: Pena and Garza were on the "wish list." Garza was a dream

10:09 am: Cubs fans now crowding the bloggers out like we are nobodies. WE ARE BLOGGERS, DAMMIT! 

 10:09 am: Hendry: "Teams like Tampa Bay are a credit to the league." Yes, and they rely heavily on advance stats, Jim. #CubsCon 

 10:10 am: Mike Quade apparently said Jeff Baker is a candidate for the leadoff spot. Um . . . what? #CubsCon

10:11 am: I wish you all could have been here to see @Aisle424's face when some mouth-breather's phone went off and played "Go Cubs Go"

10:13 am: @thekapman Please to give a shout out to the bloggers sitting on the floor in the back of the room. 

10:13 am: Fan wants to know how soon we can get rid of Soriano. LOL #CubsCon 

10:15 am: The Elaine-from-Seinfeld-Stalker is back and asking the management questions

10:16 am: This session isn't as much fun without Larry Rothschild's barely-concealed disgust at having to interact with fans. #CubsCon 

10:20 am: LOL RT @Manu_P_Mishra @JulieDiCaro (TheRays) rely on advanced stats, AND the #Cubs farm system #rays 

10:22 am: Hendry: There wasn't one guy in the Cubs organization that wasn't in on Matt Garza 

10:23 am: @thekapman calls pitch counts "nonsense." LOL

10:23 am: proseandivyWell, maybe Sam Fuld. RT @JulieDiCaro: Hendry: There wasn't one guy in the Cubs organization that wasn't in on Matt Garza. 

10:25 am: You really have to hear the voices of some of these fans to really get the full effect of #CubsCon 

10:26 am: Quade: Whoever is pitching for me that day is our ace.

10:27 am: Quade: Let's just be happy that we have Z, Demp, and Garza and not worry about who is 1, 2, or 3.

10:31 am: Mouth-breathing fan predictably talking about getting rid of Zambrano. i'm off to find him and junkpunch him. #CubsCon 

10:35 am: Fan:" I thought the Cubs played dramatically better the last 6 weeks of the season." Thanks for that stirring analysis

10:35 am: Last fan up doesn't know Jim Hendry's name. High comedy here at #CubsCon 

10:41 am: We've moved on to celebrating 'clubhouse chemistry' here at #CubsCon.

10:43 am:  Quade: Very good likelihood we'll see Cashner in the starting rotation.  

10:48 am: Mouth-breather wants Greg Maddux to be assigned as a personal coach to Big Z. (puts paper bag over head) 

10:49 am:  I loathe being part of a fanbase that adores Ryan Theriot and hates Carlos Zambrano. #Cubs 

10:57 am: The fans are finally turning on Theriot. Ha. #CubsCon

10:58 am: Fan suggests the Cubs look outside the US for young talent. Good idea. #CubsCon 

I'm going to stop there. For obvious reasons.

Hey, I'm going to be on the B-Squared Show this afternoon to talk about Cubs Con and about my new blog network, G9Sports.com. I'll post a link when I can come up with one.  






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flyball said:


re: 9:32 am, this may have been the best thing said all weekend by a member of the management (baseball or business), Laura is my new favorite

JulieDiCaro said:


I like Laura the best, too. She was definitely the most direct.

Teebob2000 said:


"Save the kid some heartache" starts with NOT naming him "Sebastian." Sheesh. Where are you when we REALLY need you, Edelweiss?

Hey, I kid because I love!

Congrats "Papa" Doc and Mrs "Papa" Doc.

Edelweiss said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

I LIKE the name Sebastian. Where was I? I just got back from Italy. The skiing was great!!!!!

Teebob2000 said:


That was sarcastic. Nobody cares.

Teebob2000 said:


re: 9:31 batter walk-up music - I said the same thing in reply to the generic "hope you enjoyed your Wrigley experience" e-mail I got from the Cubs "diplomats" or "ambassadors" or whatever the hell they call them after attending a game last year. I asked sarcastically: "what's next, a Jumbo-tron in center field?"

Little did I know...

JulieDiCaro said:


But honestly, if you had one chance to ask management a question, would that really be it?

flyball said:


I would have asked the question about the facade, so I'm not going to judge

my main problem with the music is that when the speakers are REALLY loud it makes the game less enjoyable, not only do I have 100 db in my ear every 5 minutes, but its Lady Gaga

JulieDiCaro said:


My main problem was that Ryan Theriot chose "Push It."

sloan peterson said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

So who did Theriot fancy himself as- Salt or Peppa?

sloan peterson said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

My question would be: When are you going to throw in the towel and sell the team to Mark Cubian?

Teebob2000 said:


Hmm... No, it would probably be, why don't the Cubs seek out talent in foreign countries.

HackWilson09 said:


Congrats Doc. Baby Doc Blume!

sloan peterson said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Congratulations Doc! Sebastian Bach will be so pleased that you named your son after him-Dennis DeYoung and Tommy Shaw are heart-broken......

Teebob2000 said:


But his middle name is "Kilroy" so there's that.

Edelweiss said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Kilroy......Egads....That's worse than Saffron. Unless it is a family name, there is still time to give him a middle name that won't get him beaten up at school.

flyball said:


Julie when are you going to be on the radio?

danieldschell said:


10:48 am: Mouth-breather wants Greg Maddux to be assigned as a personal coach to Big Z. (puts paper bag over head)

Best part of that was, the guy said he made the same suggestion at the 2008 convention, and seemed genuinely offended that the Cubs didn't take his advice.

Read more: http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/league-of-her-own/2011/01/cubs-convention-2011-is-in-the-books-a-look-back.html#ixzz1BPp9q3tS

Cubs Psychologist said:


Can somebody tell me how we avoided arbitration with a player we traded? http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2011/01/cubs-marshall-agree-to-two-year-deal.html

jarowcliffe said:


Deal pending a physical?

thisyearcub said:


This is correct. The deal is not officially done yet and is still pending a physical. So in case it falls through and Gorzelanny remains a Cub, all will be taken care of.

But don't look for it to fall through.

Cubs Psychologist said:


Thanks Peeps!!

gravedigger said:


So.... what happened?

flyball said:


there were pictures with Darwin Barney

keywestcubfan said:


OMG! Quade looks like Beldar Conehead....

Proggy said:


In other news...Milton Bradley arrested on felony charges.

I don't know about anyone else here, but I'm stunned.

Teebob2000 said:


It was on the threat of assault. He threatened to beat a baseball with a bat but, of course, he missed.

JulieDiCaro said:


I'm starting to feel like this guy has some issues. I dunno why. . just an inkling.

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