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Cubs Con Day 2

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Kerry thows out the first pitch at last night's Opening Ceremonies (Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune)

 As I've been tweeting all day, this post is going to be a disjointed list of thought/things that have happened so far:

1) The Meetup last night was a huge success; thanks to all who stopped by, including our friends at the Cubs PR and Marketing department, the brains/funnybone behind The Heckler, Brad, ESPN100's Sarah Spai, my podcast partners Tim and Adam, flyball, baturkey, and many more. We had a grand ole time and ran up a very, very large tab.

2.  If you want to read my live tweets/updates from the morning sessions at Cubs Con, you can follow my twitter stream here: http://twitter.com/juliedicaro. You should also follow http://www.twitter.com/Aisle424 for updates from Tim.

3) This year's feel-good moment was Kerry Wood's intro last night at Opening Ceremonies. He got a HUGE ovation from the fans, and the look on his face was priceless. It was wonderuld. A tear?

4) The Rickettsesessses are walking around talking and taking photos with fans, accompanied by very large, very forbidding bodyguards. No matter what your opinion of them is, you have to respect that.

5) The most annoying moment so far was hearing Big Z get equal parts rousing cheers and angry boos. I loathe being part of a fan base that hates Calros Zambrano and celebrates Ryan Theriot.

Aisle424 and I are currently waiting for the "Battery Talk" segment to begin, mostly because Zambrano is involved in this one, so you know something completely inappropriate and highly comical is about to be said.

At the end of the day, I'll post my twitter feed for those who can't/won't use Twitter.



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baturkey said:


Thanks, everyone who's livetweeting!

JulieDiCaro said:


Highlight of the day: Got to spend some time talking to Doug Glanville. Such a cool guy--love talking to him and hoping to have him back on Wrigley Talk Friday soon.

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