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Chicago Cubs Weekend Headlines: Wither Matt Garza News?


Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune

Cubs fans got a chance to say goodbye to Ron Santo yesterday, as everyone's favorite third baseman made one last trip to Wrigley Field. FAns could be seen running alongside the car as Ronnie drove through Wrigleyville, and the crowd at the corner of Clark & Addison broke into a rousing rendition of "Take Me Out To the Ball Game" as the car circled Wrigley.

With that said,I've completely hit the wall when it comes to talking about Ronnie's passing and funeral. It's just too sad. But if you missed any part of the funeral or trip up to Wrigley, you can view a lot of is online here.  

So yesterday, a "Cubs certain to acquire Matt Garza" rumor made its way around Twitter. And that's exactly how it was written: Cubs CERTAIN to acquire Matt Garza. However, I've yet to see any mention of this anywhere else, and it was hot on the heels of the "Phillies acquire Greinke" rumor (tweeted by a fake Jon Heyman--ha, I love Twitter), so take it with a grain of salt.

What IS apparent is that the Cubs are "in hard" (that has to be the most oft-used phrase of the Winter Meetings) on Brandon Webb:

Free agent righty Brandon Webb remains the Cubs' No. 1 target, according to Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune.  The Cubs met with Webb's agent Jonathan Maurer multiple times during the Winter Meetings.  Sullivan says Rays officials were amused by the Matt Garza speculation, and the Cubs aren't getting Zack Greinke either.

And for those of you harboring dreams that the Cubs were one of "mystery teams" in on on Cliff Lee, Joel Sherman would like to pop your shiny new balloon:

  • Sherman also checked around and ruled out the Cubs as a seven-year team. He says there was some buzz about the Brewers, but that the finances are beyond their means.  ESPN's Buster Olney rules out the Orioles.

Finally, lest you think we were the only ones who believe that the Cubs are stockpiling Carloses (Carli?), Yahoo has also taken notice:

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- The Chicago Cubs made one thing clear with their big free-agent signing at baseball's winter meetings Wednesday: Nobody in the majors will out-Carlos them.


The Cubs have added slugger Carlos Peña, formerly of the Tampa Bay Rays, on a one-season deal that pays $10 million. He gives the Cubs a power hitter with soft hands at first base who led the league in home runs in 2009 but slumped to a career-low .196 batting average this past season amid injuries.

Peña also gives the Cubs something more: Four guys named Carlos on the roster. That's twice as many as any other team in the major leagues -- a factoid confirmed by @spacemnkymafia after tireless research.

Peña (pictured above in the upper right corner) joins Carlos Zambrano(notes), Carlos Marmol(notes) and Carlos Silva(notes).

How 'bout that, Charles IV?

"I think, if we bring enough Carloses in, we can actually get to where we want to go," Penã told Big League Stew. "And I think that was it! We just needed one more."

We'll keep an eye out this weekend for any big Brandon Webb/Matt Garza news. Stay tuned.




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sloan peterson said:

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so are all the Carlos' going to wear ID badges to spring training? or will one be Carlos,one Carlito,one Carl, and one Carly?

gravedigger said:


Well, Zambrano can always just be El Toro.

And Marmol can be Crazy Eyes. He creeps me out.

sloan peterson said:

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Think of the "El Toro" bobblehead, Zambrano with a little wreath of flowers around his neck...

flyball said:


very exciting weekend I see

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