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Trust Tree Wednesday


Bad day?

Have something you need to get off your chest?

Well today is your lucky day, because it's Trust Tree Wednesday here at LOHO.

Confess your deepest, darkest secrets here in the Trust Tree. We'll all nod sympathetically and keep our traps shut, because no one is  allowed to make fun of you on Trust Tree Wednesday!

I'll go first. . . .

1. I am having a bad day.

2. I still haven't watched the episode of "House" where House and Cuddy get together. I think I'm too jealous.

3. I have this theory that there's a new girl on "Destination Truth" every season because Josh has a habit of loving them and leaving them.

4.  I've been listening to John Denver all morning.

5.  I'm a horrible person for thinking that 24-hour live coverage of the mine rescue is boring and stupid.

6.  I can't remember the last time I cared this little about post-season baseball. :(

Now you.



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berselius said:


When my mother was pregnant with me they did an ultrasound and found she was having twins, when they did another ultrasound a few weeks later they discovered that I had resorbed the other fetus. Do I regret this... no. I believe his tissue has made me stronger, I now have the strength of a grown man AND a little baby.

JulieDiCaro said:


the better story is the one from 'my big fat greek wedding,' where they cut open lump on what's-her-face's neck and found her twin.


Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


I felt a heartwarming sense of humanity while watching one of the rescued miners coming up as I was waiting for a haircut. Then I learned it was the one with a mistress, and wished there'd been a fight between the mistress and the wife on television.

sloan peterson said:

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It' Chile-the 2 ladies might work it out. Or not....

sloan peterson said:

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Thank you CN for eating the "s" off of it's...

Dmband said:


I failed an extremely important professional certification by 1%, or a total of 3 incorrect answers. So yeah. Im not doing so great.

plamorte said:


I feel much better because I was thinking that same in regards to #5.

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


I now have to wear a poofy white hairnet at work.

JulieDiCaro said:


bedazzle it.

kiwibob said:


Then send a photo so plamorte can do something on the banner with it. It's going to be a long, long winter ahead...

HackWilson09 said:


I am very happy for these 33 men.

But I am also very angry that the value of a human life comes with a certain set of conditions.

If you're cute and somewhat affluent, and you fell down a well, good god, call Larry King!

If you're so-so looking and poor, and your crack-head mother wrapped you up as a newborn and put you in a dumpster, well then, who gives a fuck.

If they save 33 lives today, maybe they can put the same kind of fervor and energy into saving 33 more lives. Let's try this, fellow humans:

Don't blow up 33 people on a public bus, or in a market or a mosque or a church.

Don't mercilessly shoot 33 people on a student campus, or at McDonald's.

Stop cutting off people's heads in Mexico.

Drop one fewer bomb per day from robotic joystick airplanes.

Talk to your enemies, and also listen to them.

Eat less meat.

I love saving lives. It's a great lot of fun. You don't have to drill a half mile into the ground to do it.

But refraining from murder doesn't get any press.

sloan peterson said:

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We have had picketeers outside our building all day. They are from a carpenters union and they are mad that some repair work is apparently being done on our roof by a non-union crew. They are so loud that I now know all their chants: the big one is "We will stay until the rats go away." They have been scaring the retirees who need to come into our building and get help with their pensions. The lowlight was when they blocked a van trying to drop off someone in front of our building. It was a lady in a wheelchair and she came into the lobby in tears. The picketeers were told they couldn't use the restrooms so they brought in 2 portapottys. Which means they will be her tomorrow. Am I an evil GOP person if I want them arrested so I won't have to hear their chanting?

flyball said:


I don't actually hate school

(don't tell anyone, its a favorite pastime here to complain about it)

ELRaythar said:


Hey! Me either! (or is it neither...)

ELRaythar said:


I scare my 1 yr old nephew every time we go to the store by taking him to the Halloween section and putting on masks.

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