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New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi watches during Game 1 of their Major League Baseball ALCS playoff series against the Texas Ranger in Arlington, Texas, October 15, 2010. REUTERS/Hans Deryk (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)
Was this photo taken by Reuters or Tom Ricketts?

Eric Wedge is now gone to the Mariners, and all that remains to be seen is whether the Cubs pick Mike Quade or Ryne Sandberg. Or is it?

With Cubs candidate Eric Wedge getting the Seattle Mariners job, according to multiple reports Friday night, only in-house candidates Mike Quade -- the presumptive favorite -- and Class AAA manager Ryne Sandberg remain among the finalists brought in for interviews with chairman Tom Ricketts.

The Cubs continue to look for indications from the Girardi camp that the Peoria native has interest in returning to the organization that originally drafted him as a catcher.

It's a process, cautioned one source, that could push a decision past the World Series.

Girardi has conspicuously left the door open to interest in the job he sought four years ago. He remains non-committal publicly -- and privately through back channels, insiders say.

My suspicions lead me to believe that it might be until Spring Training before the Cubs have a manager hired. 

Barry Rozner suspects Tom Ricketts is the one holding up the decision.

Meanwhile, the Cubs' baseball people had settled on Mike Quade weeks ago and thought they'd be able to announce it by the middle of October.

That date has now passed.

Ricketts slowed the process this week and as owner he has every right to do so. In fact, we've been waiting for him to get involved for more than a year, but it makes no sense for him to hire a manager the GM doesn't want.

Hendry's got two years left on his deal and probably less time than that to prove to Ricketts he can fix this.

Bizarre, then, that Ricketts let Hendry keep the job and now isn't letting him do the job.

If nothing else, this managerial search is keeping us entertained in the vast wasteland that is Cubs baseball during the playoffs. 



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secdelahc said:


Also, it keeps us from being dejected about another playoff series loss by our surrogate team.

Rich Beckman said:


As I was driving Friday night I tried to find the game on the radio. I stumbled upon a game where the announcers were talking about some guy who had just hit his first left handed home run (or something like that). I finally realized I had managed to fine a St. Louis station that was airing highlights from Cardinals playoffs.


JulieDiCaro said:




sloan peterson said:

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Well, they have to remember something.....

Edelweiss said:

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The Cubs won't hire a big name manager unless they can put a team together that is capable of winning. If they don't upgrade the current AAA team, they will stick with Mike Quade. They still have to get rid of their high-salaried players, who may be willing to leave if they can get on better teams.

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