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Monday Headlines: NL Central Loses Again

Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker walks off the field after talking with the umpires following a home run by Philadelphia Phillies' Chase Utley during the fifth inning in Game 3 of the MLB National League Division Series baseball playoffs in Cincinnati, Ohio October 10, 2010. REUTERS/John Sommers II (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

The Reds, in not-so-stunning fashion, got swept by the Phillies last night, marking the fourth straight year the NL Central champ has been swept in the divisional round.

The Phillies won three games in five days and had just four extra-base hits in three games. The Reds made seven errors. Cincinnati had just 11 hits, tying a new low in a division series.

Good work, NL Central.

In actual news of good work, two Phillies wives are raising money to help the Audubon Society with cleanup and protection of wildlife after the BP spill. Click to see their video here.

In exciting Cubs news,http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20101009/sports/710099719/ expect ticket prices next year to remain essentially flat.

Cubs president Crane Kenney said Friday the team will keep average ticket prices "flat for 2011.

Along with that, though, the team is introducing a new, "marquee pricing structure for 13 games, including the White Sox Series, the Yankees series, Opening Day and certain home dates, including some against the St. Louis Cardinals.

"The goal was to have a flat ticket price, Kenney said. "The way we got there was to do some analysis we've never done before that really began before the (2010) season started.

Apparently, to make up for the hike in those marquee games, some of the cheaper seats will be even cheaper.



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thisyearcub said:


Well, congrats Bears fans. Your crappy QB beat our crappy QB. What a horrific game. Best of luck rest of the season and I hope Cutler comes back healthy. I'm going back to researching 2011 draft prospects for a season that prob. won't even happen.


flyball said:


college basketball starts on Friday

all is not lost

Edelweiss said:

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Being frugal is a plus. Being cheap and miserly is not. I just found out why the Cubs had so much trouble with trading deadline deals. They were not playing their players on schedule. By 7-31, the bulk of the season was over - it runs from 1-1 thru'12-31, which means that 7 monthe had elapsed, and more than half of the money should have been payed out. Most of the players had three fourths of their salary remaining to be paid, which meant that their new clubs would have to pay it. Players become less desirable under those circumstances.

AndCounting said:


Hmm . . . that also explains why I couldn't deal my credit card bills to the Phillies for Chase Utley.

plamorte said:


So....do we vote again for a new team?

secdelahc said:


Do we really want to submit another fan base to our collective mojo?

plamorte said:


we could pick a team we don't like in hopes of bringing them down too

ELRaythar said:


Interesting... the last NL Central team to win a playoff series was the Cardinals in 2006 when they won it all.

Stylin19 said:


Pitching coach Larry Rothschild picked up his option for 2011


JulieDiCaro said:


There's a time when this would have really bothered me (coughunderDustycough), but I actually think he did a nice job with the pitchers this year.

sloan peterson said:

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I still hope the Cubs get a new pitching coach! Rothschild had his chance, it didn't work. Bring in a new pitching coach to go with the new manager....

berselius said:


Rothschild has done just fine. Cubs pitching (especially starting pitching) has been great, the problem is the offense.

sloan peterson said:

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Bochy does not know when to pull his closer- I'm sick of the chops,etc and want it to end. Obviously the announcers want game 5-so now I'm researching/marking my absentee ballot...

sloan peterson said:

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Thank god the Giants won!! Now I can totally concentrate on finding out something about judges on the ballot...

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