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Cubs Game/Open Thread: Does Anybody Care Anymore?

So, its like the 3rd or 4th or 5th inning and everyone has gone to bed.  Nobody cares about this game.

But my question is: does anybody care about this team this season?  Or at all?

Some things have been good:
  • Geo Soto has quietly put together quite a good season
  • Starlin Castro and Tyler Colvin have done about all you can ask out of a couple of rookies
  • Carlos Marmol is fucking nasty.  And Marshall too.
  • Carlos Silva had a half year where he was almost worth his ridiculous $12 million salary
I'm not even about to bullet-point out the bad.  We've been there and experienced it.  Which is why I ask, once again: Does anybody care about this team?

This is my second game thread in three days, and I don't know who this team is playing.  I don't know who is pitching, what starters are playing.  In years past, I'd know this, as well as everyone's stats.  Yet, I didn't even know until last week that Soto was one of the three best players on the team (by far).  I don't even know who is in the bullpen except for Marmol and Marshall.

Clearly, I don't care.  But I have this question for everyone else:  Do you care at all what happens the remainder of this season?

Also, there's a game on, so if you're up, feel free to comment.



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gravedigger said:


I wanted to add a poll: do you care anymore?

But I cant figure out how to do it.

sloan peterson said:

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Actually I still care. Why else would I keep going through the internet to locate details of games I can't see since I live in CA?Besides, I refused to be confirmed in the Catholic church years ago, so this is my vehicle to suffer and repent about....

gravedigger said:


Well, its 1-1 in this battle, because I certainly dont give a shit

sloan peterson said:

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gravedigger said:


who are they playing

sloan peterson said:

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I spoke too soon-it's 3-3 in the 7th per USATODAY. And their playing the giants,whom Im normally root for,because I don't like the Dodgers...

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