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Chicago Cubs Friday Headlines: Stupid Questions edition

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What's going on?

We've all got questions about the rest of this season.  Are the Cubs ever going to win another game?  When will the fire sale start?  Is Hendry's obsession with donuts a coping mechanism, or does he really like the taste?  How long before Lou starts swigging from the vodka bottle in the dugout?

While we might not get the answers to these burning questions, we do have a new edition of Ask Paul.

When is Jeff Samardzija going to rejoin the Cubs? He's been in Iowa so long that I've forgotten how to spell his name. What is causing the Cubs to self-destruct? Jaime Goldman, San Antonio, Texas

I corrected your spelling of Samardzija since I've written about him so many times I've finally figured it out. He should be up in September. What is causing the Cubs to self-destruct? It would take too long to explain, but the Cliffs Notes version can be read in one sentence: The Cubs are last in the National League with a .248 average with runners in scoring position.

After last season, Carlos Zambrano said if he had another season like 2009 he would retire. Isn't it time someone held that up to him. Or is he just looking at the money and not his lack of ability anymore? Richard Smart, Carpentersville, Ill.

When Zambrano told me that last September in San Francisco, I told him I didn't believe him. He's had another bad season, but I don't think anyone really expected him to follow through on that boast. He'd be nuts to retire after this nightmarish season. But I saved the audiotape just in case he ever denied saying it, which he hasn't.

And even though this season is the pits, Gordon gives us some reasons to remain watching.


Sending Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Blake DeWitt and prospects last weekend was only the beginning of in-season trade efforts expected to last through August. Likeliest Cubs to be traded:

(Player, contract through, comment)
1. OF/1B Xavier Nady (right), 2010 ($1.1M left), Nearly sent to Giants on July 31
2. IF Mike Fontenot, 2010 ($333K), Was part of Nady near-deal
3. OF Kosuke Fukudome (left), 2011 ($17.8M), Could take until the winter
4. 1B Derrek Lee, 2010 ($4.33M), Unlikely; didn't rule out waiving no-trade

It's an especially strong year for National League rookies, but the Cubs have two of the better performers in rookie home-run leader Tyler Colvin (left) and .318-hitting shortstop Starlin Castro, who has taken off offensively since the All-Star break (.432 with 13 extra-base hits) and could hit his way into Rookie of the Year contention if he keeps it up.

And finally, another question.  This one about the location of the Cubs Spring Training facility.

The Cubs have expressed interest in three Mesa sites __ downtown, northeast Mesa and a spot near Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, although the team has lost interest in that site.

Councilman Scott Somers says the Riverview Park site only recently came into focus.

Somers says the team likes the location in part because of its freeway access and visibility.



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JulieDiCaro said:


Hey. . . we've got Doug Glanville on Wrigley Talk Friday today at 1:00 pm CT!


JimHendry said:

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Did somebody say donuts?

flyball said:


its Friday, there is a day game against a team the Cubs have a chance against, Doug Glanville is talking to Julie, this is getting off to a decent start

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