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Chicago Cubs Saturday Headlines and Game Thread: Cubs @ Astros, 6:05 PM Central

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Carlos Zambrano throws a pitch to the New York Mets in New York

That didn't quite work out as planned. Big Z returned, but the Cubs once again turned in a lackluster performance in a loss. Lou Piniella says changes have to be made.

"We'll make a couple changes tomorrow," Piniella said. "I'm going to get Colvin into the lineup and let the kid play. I've been patient enough watching. I'm going to let the kid play and see what he can do, give us some energy. So we'll have him in the lineup.

"I'm probably going to put Hill behind the plate, too. We're not scoring any runs. We need somebody that keeps the other team from running. We'll do that tomorrow and see what happens. I know these guys are trying. I know they're trying. But, boy, I tell you what, we see the same thing every day, day in and day out."

And despite not necessarily getting the results he wanted, Zambrano felt good in his return.

"I felt good today," Zambrano said. "The most important thing was my fastball was good today. My sinker was good today. We're just not hitting good. We need to score more runs. Sometimes we don't pitch good and we hit. Sometimes we don't hit and we pitch good.

"Just execute better on my pitches next time, and with the knowledge that I have and the experience that I have in the big leagues, it will turn around."

If you didn't watch the game last night, you didn't see Humberto Quintero doing a belly flop on Starlin Castro and not getting called for interference. You can see the video here.

Derek Lee says despite the trade rumors, he's not going anywhere.

The Cubs say there's no truth or credibility to the Tribune report that they've talked to the Los Angeles Angels about a trade for Derrek Lee.

Besides, Lee has a full no-trade clause and said Friday he wants to stay with the Cubs.

But the All-Star first baseman also knows the only way to stop the groundswell of rumors involving him and other Cubs that's already picking up speed is to start winning.

''It happens with every team when you're not playing well,'' said Lee, who is in the final year of a contract that pays $13 million this season. ''Trade rumors pop up. If we turn around and play well, you won't hear them. That's just part of the business.''


''Who are the 'excellent sources'?'' Lee said.

Tonight's game features Ryan Dempster (3-5, 3.72) against Roy Oswalt (3-7, 2.78). Game time is 6:05 Central, it can be seen on CSN and heard on WGN radio.



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MillsChC said:


The game's also on MLB Network tonight for non-Chiacagoans/Houstonians.

secdelahc said:


I'm not liking this trend of winning against good teams and sucking against shit-tastic teams, especially considering at least half of the division is in the latter catergory.

baturkey said:


Theriot 2B
Colvin RF
Lee 1B
Byrd CF
Ramirez 3B
Soriano LF
Castro SS
Hill C
Dempster P

Teebob2000 said:


Everyone will be heartened to know that Aaron Miles -- yes, that Aaron Miles -- just committed an error playing 3rd for the Cards in the 11th. Sadly, he didn't cause them to lose the game. Yet.

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


Hooray! I can now post from my phone!

sloan peterson said:

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Enjoyed watching the game on MLB network. Bagwell was one of the announcers. Good game until the Astro scored 4 runs, but at least the Cubs won......

LostinFla said:

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Looks like Tylermania! was a big success tonight. That fact will only embolden Lou to do more thinking (which might not be nearly as much of a good thing).

Koyie Hill is a perfectly acceptable Henry Blanco replacement: calls a good game, will surprise you with a big hit occasionally, and remain largely effective if not overexposed. So what to do to get Soto going so he can stay in that role...

Edelweiss said:

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Isn't everyone proud of Theriot! He drew a WALK. When you have a toddler, or an older child who is developmentally challenged, every small step is a victory. Theriot is a Major League ballplayer, earning 2.6 million, and everyone is supposed to fawn over him for drawing a walk. He has 4 times as many strikeouts as walks. People keep asking what is wrong with the Cubs offense - how about setting the bar higher for a 30-year-old infielder. When my 2 or 3 year old grandchildren use the potty for the first time, that is one thing, but it is time for Theriot to grow up.

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