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Lilly Accused of Cheating: Shun the Unbeliever!

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Passed along without comment:

Reporting from Chicago -- Casey Blake accused Ted Lilly of cheating on Thursday, trying unsuccessfully to persuade the umpires that the Chicago Cubs pitcher should have been cited for starting his windup on some pitches from in front of the rubber.

"I know he doesn't have an overpowering fastball," Blake said. "I know he's trying to get as much of an edge as he can. But he moved in.

"That's cheating. You've got to stay on the rubber."

Lilly did not hesitate to fire back.

"Sometimes a batter will get in the box and he'll step out, and behind the box, and on the lines," Lilly said. "I don't think he's trying to cheat. It might not be intentional."

By pitching from in front of the rubber, Lilly said, a pitcher would lose the leverage of pushing off the rubber. Any such deliveries were strictly inadvertent, he said.

"I might have done it a couple times, just trying to gain my footing," he said.

After Blake had singled in the sixth inning of the Dodgers' 1-0 loss to the Cubs, he said he noticed Lilly pitching from in front of the rubber. He asked first-base umpire John Hirschbeck to intervene. Within moments, first-base coach Mariano Duncan had to restrain the mild-mannered Blake.

"I got so fired up," Blake said.

Hirschbeck, whom Blake called "a good umpire," told Blake he could not see any violation from where he stood, behind the bag. Blake said he became angered when Hirschbeck declined to move up, warn Lilly or ask the other umpires for help.

"What's going to keep a guy from pitching the whole game like that?" Blake said.

Okay, passed along with ONE comment: Casey Blake, you jealous, petty, no-talent hack, you are SO off my fantasy team!

Don't mess with Ted.




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MillsChC said:


Two facts here:

1) Lilly is cheating, if you define cheating as doing something against the rules.

2) Blake is a crybaby, if you define crybaby as someone who gonna whine to an umpire about something against the rules that happens all the time, and doesn't get enforced.

secdelahc said:


And I'm sure that Lilly was throwing 116 mph fastballs because of it. Seriously, stop whining because your team sucked today. Shake it off and say, "you know, he pitched well and we couldn't get anything on him." Also, if that's why you lost, then what happened the other two innings when the bullpen was in? Jerks.

JulieDiCaro said:


Wait. . . we won. Am I the only one who sees an "L" flag on the sidebar?

MillsChC said:


Umm.. I've seen a "L" flag over there two days into a two-day winning streak before... you're surprised why?

MN Pat said:


Hmmm ... because there's no cheating in baseball? I'm naive, but I'm not stupid.

JulieDiCaro said:


I wonder if Casey Blake would say Nate McLouth was cheating when HE PICKED THE BALL UP OF THE GROUND AND PUT IT IN HIS GLOVE AND PRETENDED HE CAUGHT IT?

Seriously, there's a lot more blatant, intentional cheating in baseball than this.

--MGb said:


That's just selling it. And cheating. but mostly it's selling it.

--MGb said:


It's only a foul if the Ref blows the whistle. Shut up and get back on the bag Blake. Not to mention, he's playing on a team with Manny Ramirez in the lineup - I think that alone waives their right to call "Shenanigans"

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