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Offense Not Nearly so Offensive. Cubs to Send Chocolates to Jeff Suppan

Cubs Manager Piniella Listens to Questions in Denver

I'm sure most of you were too involved in your active social lives on Friday night to notice, but the good Cubs showed up in Milwaukee. The very ones that make us imagine a division championship. The recipient of the beefed up Cub offense (Ryan Dempster) had some words to share.

"Guys came out swinging. They were real patient. They worked some good counts. It was a good bounce-back from the four games we played in New York."

The hits started early and recurred often.

The Cubs jumped right on Brewers starter Jeff Suppan, who was booed loudly by Brewers fans in the pro-Cubs crowd of 37,848. Ryan Theriot and Fukudome opened the game with doubles, and Fukudome later scored on a throwing error.

Fukudome's homer came in the third. Theriot added an RBI triple in the fourth, and Colvin hit a monster 2-run homer to center to cap things in the ninth.

We might not have seen this offensive explosion coming (probably none of us expected more than two runs), but one man had the vision to see the potential in this band of rag-tag misfits from the moment he smelled bratwurst and Miller Lite: Rudy Jaramillo.

Rudy Jaramillo saw it coming four hours before the Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers took the field Friday night.

''It's going to break open,'' the Cubs' hitting coach said.


''We're only a couple of hits away,'' Jaramillo said. ''And we're getting a lot of men on base, which is a great sign. We're just not getting that hit. We're really a couple of hits away from breaking it open.''

Making his point, the Cubs followed a loss Thursday in which they went 1-for-13 with men in scoring position by going 5-for-their-first-11 in that situation, opening a 6-0 lead by the fifth inning.

''We're working the count good, and we're having men on base,'' Jaramillo said. ''We've just got to get that one hit or two and ever

Not only did Jaramillo foresee great things from the Cub offense Friday night, he knows what's wrong with Aramis Ramirez.

''It's his timing,'' said Jaramillo, who has been doing extra work with Ramirez in recent days to help him get in hitting position quicker and pick up pitches quicker. ''When you're late, you're not going to get recognition, and it makes you swing at pitches you normally don't swing at.''


'Now we need to get him to start just a little sooner off the pitcher, and then he'll be fine,'' Jaramillo said. ''He's aware of it. It's got to be in your mind that you've got to trust a little more, and it'll happen for him. There's no doubt in my mind.''
Finally, Ted Lilly returns to the rotation today, and the inferior pitcher who shall be banished to Des Moines is yet to be determined.

The Cubs must make a roster move before the game tonight to make room for left-hander Ted Lilly. Struggling relievers Jeff Samardzija (18.90 ERA, five hits, six walks in 3 1/3 innings) and Jeff Gray (5.40 ERA, .316 batting average allowed) are candidates to be sent to Class AAA Iowa.

''We'll see how many lefties we want to keep in the bullpen and also take a look at our young right-handers,'' Piniella said.



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AndCounting said:


Based on recent decisions, I'd have to say that F7 will be safe for now. Sending him back to AAA is too obvious. Making him the number 1 starter, that's more of a shocker, thinking outside the box, you know?

FrankS said:


Supposedly the Cubs are looking to trade for pitching (and I'm not sure what they plan on trading) so f7 is going to Iowa or some other team soon enough.

JulieDiCaro said:


he's not going to some other team because of a) the pesky NTC and b) all the Chicago Street Fairs in the summer. No way Spellcheck and his Von Dutch hat agree to waive. Chicago is the best city in the world in summer.

FrankS said:


Guys will waive NTC if they believe that they will have better opportunities with another team. That will take precedence over Chicago's summer festival season. If Jeff or his agent believe he'd have a chance to be a starter with another team, he'd probably take the trade. Granted, I have no idea which team would be so desperate that they would take a chance on Shark, but the Cubs found takers for Milton Bradley and Todd Hundley so stranger things have happened.

JulieDiCaro said:


I agree with this assessment 100%. Look for Spellcheck to become our starting 3Bman.

JulieDiCaro said:


There is a fake Ryan Theriot on Twitter. His tweet to me this morning. This makes me happy:

@RyanTheriNot @aleagueofherown as a female baseball fan, I can understand your excitement. I promise to steal 4 bases today, just for you.

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


That's spectacular

secdelahc said:


Hey, we won last night! If they win again tonight, I'm not allowed to watch any games, because that will be 2 in a row I miss and they win.

JulieDiCaro said:


Carrie Muskat gives us hope:

@CarrieMuskat: Big Z is on #Cubs bullpen list in Sat notes. Need roster move to make room for Lilly. Expect RHP to be sent to Iowa, most likely Samardzija

gravedigger said:


Fuck yeah.

MillsChC said:


And the winner is.... Spellcheck. At least fans won't be seeing images like these for a while.

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