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Phil Rogers gets instructions for another column.

Don't look now, but Crazy Uncle Phil has heard a rumor that Xavier Nady is looking to start:

"On the surface, Xavier Nady comes to the Cubs as an extra outfielder and an insurance policy. But this is a guy who only two seasons, and one Tommy John surgery, ago hit .305 with 25 home runs and 97 RBIs.

The last Cub outfielder to drove in 90 runs? That would be
Moises Alou, in 2004.

Nady may be guaranteed only a majors-modest $3.3 million, but Hendry speaks of him as "a legitimate five-hole hitter.'' Nady views himself as an everyday player, and it's clear that regulars
Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd and Kosuke Fukudome should view him as a threat to their playing time."

Moreover, Phil thinks the singing of a guy whose arm may or may not stay attached this season send a pretty clear message to Fukudome and Soriano, which he saw fit to include in his column even after Jim Hendry directly contradicted his statements:

Hendry stopped short of saying he is sending a message to Soriano and Fukudome, who have disappointed since signing contracts worth a combined $184 million. The five years left on Soriano's deal are impossible to ignore but it's clear he doesn't enjoy the same status he had when he arrived in 2007, as evidenced by Piniella dropping him in the order.

"I'm not worried about putting heat (on players),'' Hendry said. "Everyone knows what our jobs are. We're trying to do everything we can to give Lou the best people, put the best 25 people in the dugout. You get guys like (Nady), I don't think you're worrying about who's going to be playing where every day."

Word also comes today that Jermaine Dye turned down an offer from the Cubs:

Former White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye turned down a $3.3 million offer from the Cubs to be their fourth outfielder, according to a Tweet from ESPN reporter Jerry Crasnick.

Crasnick cites an major-league baseball executive as his source for Dye rejecting a deal that eventually went to Xavier Nady. Dye reportedly is hoping to sign with a team that will make him an everyday player.

So, let me get this straight. Our first choice for 4th OFer turned down the Cubs' offer because he was told he wouldn't play every day, but our SECOND CHOICE for OFer has a shot at playing every day?

Yeah--that makes a lot of sense.

Per usual, Bruce Miles has a lot more pertinent information on Nady:

--"X" talked about seeing where his surgically repaired elbow (Tommy John surgery) would be in "two-and-a-half months." That takes us into April, but neither Nady nor the Cubs seemed to think he wouldn't be ready to start the season on the active roster. Nady said he hoped to throw from 120 feet today and then push it back to 130 feet next week.

--Hendry said: "Quality, quality hitter. Certainly a legitimate middle-of-the-lineup hitter from his past. We searched long and hard in the winter to come up with one more solid bat to give Lou going into camp. This really came together rather quickly in the last week...We feel like we've got an everyday, legitimate 5-hole-type hitter to augment our offense."

--From Nady: "From a health standpoint, the arm's doing well. It's progressing each week, and I'll continue to do my throwing program for the next two-and-a-half months...Right now, it's hard, I think, to assess where I'll be in two-and-a-half months."

And Bruce not only goes on to refute Uncle Phil's dog, but he gives us Bill James' projection on Nady, as well. Bruce, let's run away together!

--Hendry said the signing wasn't made to push either left fielder Alfonso Soriano or right fielder Kosuke Fukudome as much as it was to provide the Cubs offense depth.

The elbow injury limited Nady to 7 games last year with the Yankees. It was the second Tommy John surgery of his career. In 2008 with the Pirates and Yankees, he combined for a line of .305/.357/.510 with an ISO of .205 and a wOBA of .374 _ all very solid numbers to go along with 25 homers and 97 RBI.

Bill James projects .285/.337/.469 for an OPS of .806 and a wOBA of .347 to go along with 17 homers and 65 RBI in 124 games.

That's all I've got for today, kids! 18 days until pitchers, catchers, and Jeff Baker report!



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AndCounting said:


That picture is win.

JulieDiCaro said:


It totally is.

LostinFla said:

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Re: Cub Rbi's

Interesting fact on no Cub driving in more than 90 runs since 2004...

I wonder how many teams with winning records over the past 5 years have failed to have one player without 90+ rbi's? Probably a statistical oddity (considering the Cubs have had near .500 or better records over that time excepting the 2006 meltdown) and rbi accumulation itself tends to be unpredictable, but it does hint a bit at the clutch ability of SOMEONE to drive in runners on base in a consistent manner.

The best “true” clutch Cub hitter currently on the roster is Derrek Lee. His best clutch performance in Wrigley probably came in 2003. Too bad he was playing for the Marlins then…

AndCounting said:


It's not no Cub with more than 90 rbi, it's no Cub outfielder.

LostinFla said:

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Thanks, teaches me to read the whole thing...

AndCounting said:


Careful . . . these are still Phil Rogers' words we're talking about here. You don't want to commit to reading his articles in their entirety on a regular basis. Not even his dog loves him that much. ;)

And sorry, I get rather blunt when I'm commenting via iPod.

FrankS said:


Is Carl sleeping in this morning?

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


Hangover from hell.

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