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So I may have overslept a tiny bit this morning.


But no matter. As I perused the headlines, I was met only with more re-hashed, re-fried, re-written stories: "The Cubs are the center of many trade rumors." "It's Official! John Grabow is back!" "Milton Bradley is a bad human being who supports Kim Jong-Il and eating kittens."


Blah, blah, blah.


But I did find ONE headline I thought might be worth posting, in light of yesterday's irrational exuberance:

From mlbtraderumors.com:


"FRIDAY 8:26pm: Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports tweets that the Dodgers and Blue Jays are once again discussing Roy Halladay. Earlier today we learned that Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos had contacted the Cubs about moving Halladay, and as Brown said, it looks like he's "restarting the process of moving Doc."


I swear to God, Tom Ricketts, if we have the chance to give up an unproven, double A, CUBS prospect (which is different and less trustworhty than a REGULAR prospect) for one of the best pitchers in the game, and you DON'T do it, I will never, EVER forgive you.


And then there was this:


SATURDAY 10:45pm: Citing a source close to the situation, Brown says the deal looked "highly unlikely" as of last night.


Okay, that makes me feel a little better.


Tom--shake the couch cushions, search the car, empty all your pockets. Find the cash.


That's all I have this morning. Feel free to add your own headlines to this thread, or, if you can't find any, make some up.


And thanks to everyone who keeps asking when I'm going to be on ChicagoNow radion. Short answer: I don't know. When I know, you'll know.  :)




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--MGb said:


Musky the Cub already tweeted that "the price was too high" and FWIW, here's my view on the situation -

JulieDiCaro said:


I had no IDEA that MGb was you! You need to make all your social media names match up!

*dan bradley said:


It'd be okay to address the pitching, but lets not pull the same stunt the Bears did and address that alone. We need a CF and 2B first. Then get a premium starter. In an ideal world..

JulieDiCaro said:


Well, that's the thing. I feel like every season Hendry goes after someone he's had a man-crush on for years rather than what we really need. I agree that we need a REAL CF---preferably one that can hit leadoff. THEN a starter, if we don't re-sign Harden. I'm okay with Baker at 2B. He doesn't look as pretty as DeRosa, but he hits like him.

AndCounting said:


You know, that Jayson Stark article you linked to a couple days ago that had rumblings & grumblings about Milton Bradley's departure (or not) from the Cubs also had a really interesting lead-in about profit sharing. In it, he said that some estimates suggest that 1/3 of MLB teams receive more money prior to ticket sales than they spend on their big-league payroll. That's 10 or so teams that receive more from profit sharing and broadcast rights than they pay their players. So everything they get from ticket sales is, more or less, pure profit.

While the Cubs are definitely not one of those teams, it does help to know that there's a lot more money out there than just ticket prices. The Cubs should be able to spend more than they're letting on. And other teams could give away tickets and still make a profit.

Perkins said:


There's no such thing as a "price too high" for Roy Halladay.

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