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So I've been up this morning scouring the internet for Cubs news. And let me be honest, there is a time of the year when I would sell my soul for one iota of interesting news to post.

We have officially reached that time of the year.

In marginally interesting news, Bud Selig says he'll step down after the 2012 season. But as we all know the world is ending on December 12, 2012, I'm not sure how much this matters.

And. . .uh . . . The Sun-Times reports that the Ricketts family has officially taken over the Cubs, but I'm pretty sure I heard that somewhere else.

And, sadly, the list of teams Roy Halladay would waive his NTC for include the Yankees (rolls eyes), the Red Sox, and the Phillies, but not us. We didn't want a second-rate broken-down miserable-excuse-for-a-pitcher, anyway!

Finally, I'm switching gears from baseball to Football/Footy action this weekend, as not ONLY do the Bears play Max's Vikings tomorrow, but my Chelsea Blues play Max's Arsenal Gunners. Obviously, it's going to be a rough day around here.

Gird your loins. 





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MillsChC said:


The 1990 All-Star game at Wrigley is on MLB Network right now.... and it looks like it was a miserable night, weather-wise.

gravedigger said:


Do I really want to watch the Bears game tomorrow?

Doc said:


If you're like me, I want to watch the train wreck. This is actually more entertaining for me than if they were a good team. It gives me a lot of reasons to yell at the TV.

gravedigger said:


I'm tired of yelling at the TV.

Perkins said:


Well, I suppose the Cubs wouldn't have money for Halladay anyway, as they seem intent on paying one of their best hitters to play for someone else.

In unrelated news, Founders Backwoods Bastard is quite a tasty beer, as is Rogue Santa's Private Reserve Ale.

FrankS said:


Big news of this weekend was IHSA football championship weekend. The big upset was Montini defeating JCA by going for the two-point conversion with about 30 seconds to play. If you folks don't know, Joliet Catholic is (are?) the Yankees of high school sports in Illinois.

FrankS said:


More on Tiger. He won't be talking to the FHP until tomorrow now. Elin broke out the rear window of the SUV to extricate Tiger. CNN was interviewing the local police and the reporter asked if she had come out of the house carrying the club or if she had to go back inside to get it. If she went in to get it, why didn't she get the second set of keys instead? And now the National Enquirer is reporting that Tiger was having an affair with an events planner from New York.

millertime said:


In other news, I heard the Cubs are trying to trade Milton Bradley? When did this happen?

FrankS said:


Hey, there were rumors that the Tigers were interested in MB back in July. Oh, wait, Steve Stone made that up.

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