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Great Moments In Sports We Have Yet To See

 So the photo this morning of ARod groping Jeter got me thinking. Do you remember this episode of Seinfeld? Where George fell in love with a She-Jerry?



So when photos of ARod's strippers came out, was I the only one surprised that NOT ONE of them looked like this?


Yoohooo, Alexander!

I really thought that was a slam dunk. I exepcted it to be a "Great Moment In Sports." Instead, it's a "Great Moment In Sports We Have Yet To See."

In other Great Moments in Sports We Have Yet to See, I honestly thought that Cedric Benson would be playing the real life role of the future Lisa Wiggum in "Lisa The Simpson:"


Come on, kids. Get Momma's pryin' bar!


Much to my surprise, he's currently running roughshot all over the NFL. But I'm convinced he'll make it to Lisa Wiggum sooner or later. He needs a few more years, a few more party boats, and a few more DUI arrests.

I'm also waiting for the Disney movie about Mark Prior's historic comeback to win the Cy Young and the next Minnesota Vikings sex scandal.

What Great Moment in Sports have you yet to see?





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Doc said:


I'm still waiting for Albert Poo-holes arms to come flying off while swinging at a pitch...

Similar to this classic SNL skit

gravedigger said:


i dunno.

Dmband said:


Just read the prospective TBS pairing post....kudos, that was hilarious.

You could have also substituted the picture of Bart from the Simpsons when he said:

"I wash myself with a rag on a stick"...

JulieDiCaro said:


Yeah, that would have been a better one. Give me a break though, I'm only one woman!

AndCounting said:


Hmmm . . . it's only a matter of time before Brett Favre makes the walk of shame out of the Madden Cruiser.

JulieDiCaro said:


I could never live in Germany. Aside from the horrible food and body odor issues, things like this freak me the fuck out:


Edelweiss said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Obviously you have not spent much time there.

FrankS said:


You did read the article that states that the display is meant to discourage the desire of some Germans to go back to a fascist government.

I dunno, I spent two weeks in (East) Germany in 1990 in a small town outside of Dresden. The food was terrific. I didn't notice anything unusual regarding body odor or personal hygiene among the people there.

The worst part about the visit was that very few people in that part of Germany spoke English. The younger people were more likely than the adults who had spent most of their lives under Soviet control and more often spoke Russian as a second language. And East Germany was very behind the times back then as far as modern conveniences go.

MN Pat said:


Lou trips coming out of the dugout. He skins his knee. A TV close-up shows not blood but scales, revealing him to be - in fact - a dragon.

JulieDiCaro said:


He is then slain by an ignortant Biblo Baggins, with an assit from Gandalf, and the Cubs' OBP goes back into the tank for 10 more years.

secdelahc said:


Great moments we have yet to see? The Cubs winning a World Series in our lifetime!

cubby23(eric) said:


Well said!

Bill80 said:


Most of us have plenty of time, right?

JulieDiCaro said:


speak for yourself. i'm EXTREMELY concerned about something I saw on "Mystery Diagnosis" the other night.

JulieDiCaro said:


Oh, dammit.

Stupid Yankees.

Umbra said:


ROFL at these calls.

JulieDiCaro said:


Two guys tagged while off the base. Only one is called out. Must be nice to be the Yankees.

JulieDiCaro said:


CC with only 51 pitches in the 5th.


MillsChC said:


Kramer kom hit!

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