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Sunday Morning Headlines/Open Thread 8/2/09

Cardinals vs. Cubs
Anyone worried yet?

What a crazy game!  Details related by Paul Sullivan

The Cubs survived a back injury that forced starter Carlos Zambrano out after three innings to remain a half-game behind the NL Central-leading Cardinals.

"It's hard for this team to win here," Piniella said. "But we won. Now how do you explain that?"

Lee was asking himself the same thing.

"It was crazy," Lee said. "It was probably the longest nine innings I have been a part of."

And then came the 10th, which saw Lee homer, Aramis Ramirez leave after getting hit with a pitch and some unusual defensive maneuvering in switching Alfonso Soriano from left field to second base to third and back to second in the 10th.

"If someone is watching this game on the Internet, or [reading] the box score, they'll think the manager got drunk during the game and started moving people around for the hell of it," Piniella said.

On the bright side, at least Carlos had enough sense to not try to pitch 178 pitches tonight.  On the downside, why did he try to pitch at all?  He could've really hurt himself.

Gordon Wiitenmeyer of the Sun-Times tells us Ramirez should be okay after getting plunked in the 10th.

Ramirez may get a day off today, but is expected to be fine, Piniella said. Piniella suggested that with the bullpen used up again after two hot and heavy nights of pitching in Florida he might even need Zambrano for a relief inning or two in Cincinnati this week.

It was hard to tell if he was kidding after what he and the team had been through.

''[Ryan] Theriot hit that big triple with two outs in the top of the ninth [for a three-run lead], and I'm thinking we can go enjoy a nice pina colada after the game,'' he said. ''We can still enjoy one. But I don't feel like it now.''

I heart Lou's quotes.

Where has sec been that she didn't notice that we got SLOTH?!?!

MIAMI -- Former Marist High star Tom Gorzelanny arrived in the Cubs clubhouse Saturday and revealed he grew up rooting for the White Sox.

"But now I'm a diehard Cubs fan," he said. "Everybody [in the family] is. Everybody was extremely excited to hear about it. To come back home and play for the Cubs, it's a good feeling."

Gorzelanny, who will wear No. 22, threw a bullpen session and is slated to make his Cubs debut Tuesday in Cincinnati.

Told that Gorzelanny was a White Sox fan, manager Lou Piniella replied: "That's OK. It doesn't make him all bad, right? He's a baseball fan. The White Sox are a good team, and they're our neighbors in town."

Hmmm...  I dunno about that number he's gonna wear.  Seems like the last pitcher who wore it didn't fare so well.  What ever happened to that guy?  Oh yeah, here he is:

MIAMI- Former Cub Mark Prior is being released by the Padres, according to a report on MLB.com.

Prior, 28, was rehabbing his shoulder but was never able to comeback in a game.

"The poor guy just couldn't seem to get over the hump," Padres manager Bud Black said.

Prior was making $15,000 a month on a minor league contract. If this is indeed the end of his baseball career, it's a story that defies belief. He began his Cubs career with comparisons to Hall of Famer Tom Seaver, and was almost untouchable while helping lead them to the postseason in 2003.

Prior was five outs away from taking the Cubs into the World Series when he fell apart in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series against Florida, shortly after the infamous foul ball. It was mostly downhill from there, and his final game in the majors was in Milwaukee on Aug. 10, 2006, when Prior was removed after three innings in an 8-6 loss to the Brewers.

Asked afterwards if he would be shut down for the rest of the season, an angry Prior shot back: "What do you think? No."

Of course, he was. 

No one would've believed that day that it would be Prior's last performance in the majors. But unless another team takes a flier on him, Prior is now going to have to find a new profession.

Poor Buttercup....

Stayed tuned for the game thread later today, wherein the Cubs will hopefully crush the Marlins, without losing anymore players, blowing any saves, or have anyone get plunked. Game starts at 3:05 CDT.



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berselius said:



Heeeey you guys!

JulieDiCaro said:


Sloth love Chunk!

jtbwriter said:


Pray tell, why is Grorzelanny sloth?
And I love Lou's take on the WS "fan"-he's still not a dragon! LOL!

JulieDiCaro said:


We think he bears a striking resemblance to the character Sloth from "The Goonies."

jtbwriter said:


Another 80's movie I only knew from the videos on MTV...I remember Cindy Lauper did two songs for the movie and had 2 videos for it.
I take it the 4:10 start was for ESPN/getaway purposes?

Maim said:


This game is at a stupid time today, isn't it?

Stupid Florida.

Up In The Burbs said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

A 4:05 start really only makes sense for a weekday game so that fans can leave work early without having to miss their whole day at work

JulieDiCaro said:


Agreed. It's a stupid time to start a game. Especially on a weekend.

Ed Nickow said:


But it is not the stupidest time to start a game.

The stupidest start time? 7:11 of course.

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