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Saturday Night Potpourri: Cubs Win!


Huzzah! A win! That makes two in a row, thanks to the timely hitting of Jake Fox (GS, 5 RBIs) and Milton Bradley (3-4, RBI double). Read about all the happiness here.

Also, don't forget about the LOHO podcast on Cubs Fans and Racism Monday night at 8:00 pm CT. Jack McDowell, among others, will be joining Matt and I as we resolve race relations in Chicago once and for all. Listening/Call-in info can be found here.

In other Cubs news, Jeff Baker was scratched from today's lineup after fouling a ball off his pinky during BP today. An X-ray was negative, and he's day-to-day. Fonzie also had his MRI today. No word yet on the results. Considering he went this morning, I feel this does not bode well.

The latest on Rich Harden and waivers from mlbtraderumors.com:

  • The Cubs are more open to dealing Rich Harden to the Twins than you might think. The Cubs could receive two high draft picks if they offer Harden arbitration after the season and he signs elsewhere, but that's a risky strategy. Given his injury history, the club might not want to take a $10MM or so hit if he accepts, even for only one year.


  • The bigger question with Harden may be how aggressive the Twins will be in trying to deal for him. Remember that stars Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan have said the team needs more to contend, with Morneau mentioning that the team needs to impress Joe Mauer since he's due to become a free agent after next season.

If you missed Ozzie's rant at his team following today's 10-0 loss to the Yanks, allow me to give you the highlights:

"I'm embarrassed," Guillen said. "And everybody in that room should be embarrassed. If they're not embarrassed, they got the wrong job or they're stealing money from baseball. I feel like I'm stealing the money from (chairman) Jerry (Reinsdorf)." 


"I was looking at the Little League game this morning, and they were playing better than we did. It was more fun. It gets to the point where you are a veteran player and I have a lot of respect for them, and you appreciate what they do for you in the past, but this is not major league baseball, sorry. "I'm not going to take credit away from New York. They got great players out there. But the way we play, ... if we had a B game against us, we might tie. Nobody is going to win. I feel that way, and I hope my players and coaches feel the same way.

"If they don't feel the way I feel right now, they're full of (bleep) because there's no doubt in my mind we're better than this. But I think it gets to the point where it is what it is. And my hope is getting less and less. It's a long mountain, and the mountain is getting higher and higher every night. And if we're going to climb to the top, maybe they need a cable car to get up there. But they're not going to walk up there.

"(Bleep) it. They don't. I'm not a loser or a negative guy, but I'm really realistic. That's my problem in the past when I'm so realistic and people get mad at me and they don't like the way I do stuff or the way I talk. Well, if you don't want me to talk that way, (bleeping) play better.

"And I'm getting paid a lot of money to manage this club and I truly believe this - I'm stealing money from Jerry Reinsdorf right now. I come here, make the lineup, go to sleep and watch (bleeping) Little League games."


"I was making the lineup today and started to laugh," Guillen said. "I just finished making the lineup minutes ago and started laughing because when you only got one hit and three errors, it's not easy to pencil people in. It's not.

Sometimes it's so hard to hate Ozzie. When he's not praising Chavez or tossing around homophobic slurs, he's generally a huge pile of awesome.

Finally, we still have two spots open in LOHO's fantasty football league. Our live draft is tomorrow at 4:30 pm ET, and we have to have a full league, or we can't draft! If you want to play, go to http://games.espn.go.com/frontpage. League name" LOHO FF 2009-2010: PW: LOHO.   

It's Saturday night, and this is your open thread.




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JulieDiCaro said:


Good news for the Cubs on the injury front.


Some good news from the Cubs' injury front:

An MRI has revealed Alfonso Soriano has inflammation on his left knee and he could be given an injection as soon as Sunday so he could be back in the lineup Tuesday.

And Aramis Ramirez, who was not in the original starting lineup Saturday but went 2-for-4 with two RBIs in the 11-4 victory over the Mets, said he would not have off-season surgery on his left shoulder.

In fact, since receiving a cortisone injection Aug. 11, Ramirez has felt so good he has played in every game and currently has a seven-game hitting streak with a .414 average.

canopygrl said:


Juice em all!

Joined the FF thingy, I'm just as clueless about FF as am about BB. Set it for auto pick as I'll be on my way back to icky Georgia.

PS- Jake Fox for Rookie of the Year!!!

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


I'm there with you on the FF deal. It's my first try, and I'll probably be the jerk that sets up his autodraft to get all Colts. And I'll be at work, so not participating in the live draft either.

FrankS said:


Randy Wells!

kiwibob said:


If you still need a last person and nobody takes the spot then you can count me in....
Haven't followed a football season for ages but I'd been thinking of giving it another shot.

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