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Daily Headlines for Saturday 8/1/2009

Hot night in Miami
cold night for the Chicago bats

photo by Joe Rimkus Jr. courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Unlike the last 2 games, last night was not all about the hitting. Instead Harden did his nightime thing in Florida, 11 strikeouts, 2 RBIs but threw 99 pitches in 5 innings, and handed it over to the bullpenwho did not do quite as well

Marmol came into the game with the score tied at 2-2, but he exited after walking two, hitting a batter and giving up an RBI single.
Sean Marshall replaced Marmol, but the usually dependable lefty allowed a pinch double to Wes Helms to score another 2

sigh, Marmol hitting people isn't nice, just saying.

New kid John Grabow did pitch last night, and kept everything nice and peaceful in the 6th inning. But he had to do it wearing a new numberon the back as well as name on the front. Turns out the Cubs are all sentimental about Kerry too and didn't want to give him #34, so he flipped it and is now sporting #43. Thanks for understanding Grabow.

The Marlins last night
Apparently lacking for enough home-team entertainment to keep the few fans they draw interested in the game, the Marlins on Friday night paraded a goat onto the field in front of the Cubs' dugout between the second and third innings.
''Tasteless,'' Piniella said. ''When they come to our place in Chicago, we don't have fried marlin.''

ok, maybe the Cubs don't, but I remember LOTS of Friday Night Fish Fry references whenever the Marlins come to town. But then Friday Night Fish Fry is a yummy and fun way of spending an evening, and a goat is just going to eat your stuff.

A few
odds and ends
-Gorzelanny is going to start Tuesday in Cincinatti
-Sam Fuld was officially recalled to take Reed Johnson's spot
-Soto is doing a rehab game in Mesa, and then off to Tennesee for 2 more

since the team is in Florida where the average temperature during the day is about 174 degrees with !95% humidity you have to wait til tonight for the game, sorry.



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millertime said:


I think the Dodgers' sweep over the Cubs last playoffs was tainted by steroids. I demand a redo.

J Pep said:


I believe todays headlines shoul be 8 and not 7

JulieDiCaro said:


Wait. . . the Cards won last night? But I checked the game in the 8th! They were losing!


JulieDiCaro said:


So. . am I to understand that the pitcher who was not good enough to make the Pirates' roster is going to pitch for the Cubs on Tuesday?

berselius said:


Yes, indeed he is. Apparently he's recently regained his 2007 stuff, at least according to former Cubs minor league director (i.e. Pirates GM) Dave Littlefield, which is why I imagine the Cubs acquired him

jtbwriter said:


Afternoon all....

How bush can an organization be? I take it the Marlins think they are all that and a bag of chips-I think Billy Flounder or whatever that mascot is should be "hooked" in effigy next time they are in town!

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