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God Bless the Mets. They came to town just in the nick of time to restore some semblance of sanity. The Cubs hadn't won back-to-back games since the Pirates were in town two weeks ago. But now they're on their way to 15 in-a-row and first place in the Central Division after Saturday's 11-4 win. Saturday's hero, Jake Fox, is not only a pretty good hitter, he's a soothsayer:

"Fox told me before the ballgame, he said, 'I got your back today, Skip,' " said manager Lou Piniella, whose Cubs improved to 65-62. "That's exactly what he told me. I tell you what, a couple at-bats into it, I was wondering. But he caught up in a hurry."

Though he had to be taught the finer points of taking a curtain call, which I find endearing:

"I've never done that before; that was my first time experiencing that," Fox said. "When they were saying, 'Get out there, get out there,' I'm like, 'Where am I supposed to go?' They said, 'Get out there. Wave your helmet.' So I got out and waved my helmet. It was pretty cool."

Now on to what is perhaps more interesting news, the potential trades of Harden and Heilman. It appears as though the Twins aren't interested in sending much for Rich and his ass. Maybe they don't know about his ass?

The Cubs would like one or two top prospects for Harden, but the Twins believe that is too steep a price without having Harden signed long-term. The chances of that happening in the next two days seem unlikely.

And Heilman to the Giants, please?

Meanwhile, the Cubs apparently continue negotiations with the Giants about a waiver-deadline trade for reliever Aaron Heilman. The Giants had a chance to watch Heilman pitch two scoreless innings Saturday.

Heilman is eligible for arbitration after the season and probably would command as much as $3 million if the Cubs keep him.

In other Cubs pitching news, Ryan Dempster got to try out a prototype batting helmet in yesterday's game:

Pitcher Ryan Dempster tried out a new batting helmet, one that is supposed to provide extra protection. He said it was a tad heavy as he ran the bases.

"Running around the bases like Mark Kelso," Dempster said, referring to a former football player. "It actually made me faster because all I had to do was lean forward. ... I just thought I'd try it out. It kind of felt like my own bobblehead day."

And in further Cubs pitching news, Lou expects good Z to show up today:

''Carlos will be better,'' Piniella said. ''Remember when [Ryan] Dempster came back from his toe problem, his first game wasn't a good one. Carlos had only five innings of rehab in A-ball [before his start against Washington]. I expect him to be sharper and pitch a better ballgame.''

(cubbiejulie takes over)

This is the part of the headlines where I hijack all carl's hard work and turn it into a game thread because I'm too anxious to go shopping to write my own:


Today: Big Z (7-5, 3.80) takes on Nelson Figueroa (1-3, 5.40).

Game time is 1:20 pm CT on WGN.

Lineups to come. 



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gravedigger said:


It is honestly more fun to watch this team (well, let's say "less frustrating" than "more fun") when you know for sure they are out of it.

JulieDiCaro said:


also more fun when they win.

gravedigger said:


Yeah, because its like "oh that's cool" and you go on with your day. No pressure. No looking ahead.

JulieDiCaro said:


Since this thread is so . . . un-commented on. . . I'm going to turn it into a game thread.

JulieDiCaro said:


Ozzie again with the gold: "As long as I’m managing this ballclub, they will play hard. They play bad, but they will play hard."

JulieDiCaro said:




cubby23(eric) said:


Is the football draft right now?

millertime said:


So, this game has sucked so far. I think the whole "It's October" thing has Cubs fans doing what they normally do in October, namely, start watching the Bears.

thisyearcub said:


Let Lovitz call one game a week!

Also, let Soto start taking bong rips again. Makes him better!

thisyearcub said:


Jon Lovitz: "That's why I don't like it when fans boo because they can't do anything players can do on the field."

MillsChC said:


I couldn't tell if Lovitz was kidding about performing at a mall in Schaumburg... cause that sounds plausable for his amount of comedic talent.

FrankS said:


Is Jon Lovitz still a celebrity? He hasn't done much movies or tv lately.

JulieDiCaro said:


Um . . .hello? Artie Ziff?

JulieDiCaro said:


Have you ever heard him sing, though? There was one SNL sketch where he was a nightclub singer in the background, he's fantastic. He was classicaly trained as an opera singer.

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