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Chicago Cubs Headlines for Sunday

(Gina Ferazzi, Los Angeles Times)
At least Sam Fuld is trying

Maybe instead of going to Dodger Stadium today, the Cubs should just skip the whole baseball thing and go to Disneyland instead. They'd stand about as much chance of winning, and they'd surely have much more fun at the happiest place on Earth, no?

After losing their third straight to the Dodgers, I'm hard pressed to find any reason to keep on believing. I know everyone else here has given up, but I'm wholly irrational until about September 15. But when Ted Lilly says I'd better believe, I'd better believe:

"It's not looking good, but we're not out of it," losing pitcher Ted Lilly told reporters after the game. "I imagine that we're going to continue to fight and try to find a way to sneak in."

I guess that's not really a ringing endorsement. What kind of performance must have shaken even the mightiest of Cubs?

Haeger (1-1) scattered 3 hits through 7 innings and the Cubs were shut out 2-0. They've scored just 3 runs while losing the first three games of this series at Dodger Stadium. Cubs batters are hitting .152 during three days (14-for-92), while facing two fill-in starting pitchers.
Oh. Yeah, not exactly inspiring. And it turns out Lou's not a sorcerer, magician or even a fairy:

"That rather elusive hit with men in scoring position didn't materialize," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. "What can I do? I wish I had a magic formula or magic dust. I really do. But I don't. We've struggled on the road offensively for a long time. We're in a rut right now and we've just got to work our way out of it."
Magic formulas or dust aside, will Lou be back in 2010?

"I'd look like a fool telling you people, 'Yeah, you're damn right, I'm going to be back,' " he said. "And then all of a sudden I get fired. That doesn't make sense. So my plans, basically, are to come back. But if the organization has different plans, well, they make those decisions."

Piniella's future was a topic of discussion before Saturday's 2-0 loss to the Dodgers, after he made an off-handed remark to a reporter about his future.

"He asked me if I planned to return, and my answer was 'yes,' and that was it," Piniella said.

Lou did finally admits that he's stuck with some of the slumping veterans for too long:

Manager Lou Piniella admitted he has been too patient, if anything, with some of his slumping veterans, such as Alfonso Soriano. But he noted young players such as Jeff Baker and Jake Fox have had opportunities to play when they've hit. ''I'm loyal to my veterans,'' Piniella said. ''But invariably, you've got to hit.''

Piniella and hitting coach Von Joshua have suggested that Soriano use a lighter bat to help break out of his slump. But Soriano is comfortable with the heaviest bat on the team and is reluctant to change.

And finally, the Sun-Times continues to revel in the mistakes of the Tribune Company:

On Friday, Tribune announced it had closed the sale of its National League franchise to the Ricketts family for $845 million -- the highest price in baseball history.

But people close to the sale said Zell could have gotten about $1 billion for the team if only he'd acted quickly a year ago.

Instead, he hatched a plan to sell the Cubs' property, Wrigley Field, separately to the State of Illinois. Officials said the deal, also pushed by former Gov. James Thompson, would have financed improvements and preservation at the aging but beloved ballpark.

Zell, though, saw it as a way to get as much as $400 million before even putting the team on the market.

His plan collapsed amid criticism that it put taxpayer funds at risk if the ballpark couldn't generate the income to pay state-backed bonds.



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kiwibob said:


Did you not notice the secret coded message that Ted cunningly placed in there for us?
"I imagine that we're going to continue to fight and try to find a way to sneak in."

I imagine that pigs are flying past my bedroom window...

gravedigger said:


Ted Lilly is a fool.

gravedigger said:


Along with the rest of the team.

FrankS said:


Ever play sports? This is the way that all athletes talk. My kid just graduated from high school and he was a fairly decent jock. His senior season football team opened the season 0-3 and looked like absolute puke, but he still thought they could win the state title. They did end up making the quarterfinals, much to my surprise.

Heck, his junior year they started 0-2, getting destroyed by Joliet Catholic in the second game and were about 4 minutes away from losing to Oswego in Oswego to start 0-3. Half our crowd left, muttering about firing the coach. But the kids pulled the game out, went on to 11 straight wins and finished second in the state, losing on a late field goal to a team that usually won its game by 4 or more touchdowns. So you just never know.

Anyway, I know it's aggravating to hear that talk when realistically it's pretty much over, but in general most fans would hate the players more if they talked like they didn't have any chance at all.

gravedigger said:


I prefer honestly.

kiwibob said:


It wasn't so much the talk... it was the use of the word "imagine" that seemed to hint that only in a fairy tale kingdom would the Cubs actually stand any chance at all.

gravedigger said:


Also, I DO want to see Lou drink in the dugout.

JulieDiCaro said:


The Bears looked great last night--and Chelsea is currently walking all over Fulham.

It's a good morning.

kiwibob said:


And England are about to win The Ashes!

millertime said:


Can we call up Spellcheck? As long as we're not wining this year, I want to see him try and start another game. Just how many innings can he go? 2? 3? Maybe even 4?

JulieDiCaro said:


It's about the most beautiful day of the entire summer today, and I'm stuck inside doing work.

Boo and double boo.

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