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Julio Lugo Traded to Cards

MLB: JUN 23 Red Sox at Nationals


It's been a busy day for the Red Sox. They acquired Chris Duncan and a player to be named later for Julio Lugo, turning an albatross into a viable left-handed hitter.

They also dealt a pair of prospects for Adam LaRoche, adding a power bat who normally excels in the second half. And according to Jon Heyman's Twitter feed, they may not be finished yet.

My question: Do we care? Should we care?

I care just by virtue of the fact that, once again, the Cards are out making deals to improve their team, while we're sitting around sucking. And no, I don't care that we won today and went 5-2 on this road trip. I'm sick of sitting around waiting for the best team in baseball on paper to decide to start hitting the damn baseball. I want a trade to shake up this team, and I don't mean another Jeff Baker, either.




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berselius said:


It's pretty questionable that this improves the Cards. Lugo has been beyond execrable defensively at SS this year for the Red Sox. His bat is nothing special either.

JulieDiCaro said:


Maybe it's addition by subtraction? Mabye Chris Duncan and his dad are clubhouse cancers!

MLBfan said:

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IMO: Sitting back and waiting too long to make moves is part of Hendry's problem (Ibanez signed Dec 16, 2008 and Bradley signed Jan 8, 2009) along with bringing in has-beens, like BJ Ryan.

If I had more time, I could come up with other examples, but I'm celebrating the Cubs win!!!

melissa said:


Lugo is the suck, I'm glad the Cards picked him up. Bosox fans are dancing in the streets.

oog of ulams said:


Yeah this deal doesn't help them at all. It does add someone with as much baggage as, say, Milton Bradley.

JulieDiCaro said:


It's not Lugo per se. I mean, it's not like "Oh damn, they got Lugo! I really REALLY wanted Lugo!"

It's that they're doing SOMETHING and we seem to not be doing ANYTHING.

If there was ever a team that needed SOMETHING, it's this one.

millertime said:


Game over, we lose. I blame Jim Hendry.

FrankS said:


I'm surprised that the Cards had to trade anyone to get Lugo. It seemed like the Red Sox were willing to pay the guy to stay home if need be. Then again, Duncan has regressed as a hitter since 2006 and I don't suppose the PTBNL will be anyone other than a low level prospect.

On the plus side for the Cubs, this takes away some of the Cardinals payroll flexibility.

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