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Cards @ Cubs: Live Game Thread

Cardinals vs. Cubs

When St. Louis misses out on the playoffs this year, they'll all be pointing to yesterday's game. They'll all remember how Ted Lilly finally put them in their place:

"This is a big series," Lilly said. "We didn't really play well [Friday], so it was important we go out and make fewer mistakes."

But Lilly, as usual, made fewer than anyone, shutting down the Cardinals on four hits and one run over eight innings while raising his home record to 6-1 and lowering his home ERA to 1.86.

So why didn't Lou go for the mortal blow and leave Lilly in for the complete game?

"Before that inning got started, he asked me how I felt about going back out there," Lilly said. "Obviously, I don't get too many opportunities (for a complete game), and I wanted to take advantage of it."

"We were going to send him out, but we had a chance to score some runs, so we pinch hit," Piniella said of the Cubs' eighth. "If his turn wouldn't have come up, we would have sent him out to face the first hitter."

I guess he forgot that Lilly would've tripled in that situation. One not-so-joyous thing happened on Saturday, Derrek Lee left the game with neck spasms, but he anticipates playing today:

"I'm good, I'll be in the lineup [Sunday]," Lee insisted after the 5-2 victory over the Cardinals. "It was just a tweak ... not even close to last time.

"That's why I came out, just to keep it from getting bad."

Lee's latest run-in with the problem came when he slid awkwardly into second base with a fifth-inning double.

He also missed two games in April and then five in May when an MRI revealed a bulging disc.

Manager Lou Piniella seconded Lee's feeling: "This one is not as severe and we caught it right away."

Jim Hendry addresses the catching situation, giving slightly less than a vote of confidence to those at Iowa:

'We looked into things, but it's a very difficult position to find,'' general manager Jim Hendry said. ''We'll go with what we have and see what happens. We have some guys at [Class AAA] Iowa who aren't bad or we'll try to acquire someone.''

And Ron Santo left Friday's game and missed yesterday due to illness, but he's feeling better.

Ron Santo is recovering from a kidney infection that sent him home from Friday's game. Santo was to be released from the hospital Saturday and will miss the doubleheader today, but he's expected to rejoin the team Thursday in Washington.



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gravedigger said:


last night i had a dream the cubs acquired freddy sanchez.

JulieDiCaro said:


can someone change the headlines to read "Cards @ Cubs: Live Game Thread?"

I can't do it from my parents' computer.

baturkey said:



CF Kosuke Fukudome
SS Ryan Theriot
LF Soriano
1B Micah Hoffpauir
3B Jake Fox
RF Milton Bradley
2B Jeff Baker
C Koyie Hill
P Carlos Zambrano

Umbra said:


I come in and it's already 3-0 Cubs. Hooray! How did this happen?

baturkey said:


Hoffpauir 3-run HR.

baturkey said:



"Swearing is such a common response to pain that there has to be an underlying reason why we do it," says psychologist Richard Stephens of Keele University in England, who led the study. And indeed, the findings point to one possible benefit: "I would advise people, if they hurt themselves, to swear," he adds.

kiwibob said:


What about if a group of others... let's say, for example, the size of a baseball team, perhaps with caps that have a large C on them.... hurt you?

Will swearing make you feel better on those circumstances too?

Fargo said:


Yeah! Big Z with a big homer!

flyball said:


woohoo! Z homers!

MillsChC said:


C'mon Milt... do something good here

baturkey said:


He got nothing to hit.

baturkey said:


Wow, Cubs got a break there. Chest protector Larue missed home plate with his foot.

canopygrl said:


Snort! I love you Pujols.Snort

jtbwriter said:


Cubs win-Cubs win! Great day to play two!
Has anyone noticed how good Keith Moreland is with Len? Doesn't talk too much, but when he does has interesting viewpoints and handles promo stuff well. And is a wonderful link to the Cubs past.

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