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Chicago Cubs Headlines -- July 11, 2009

You sunk my battleship!
Well, our dream of having the Cubs in first place at the break is a no-go after Friday's 8-3 loss to the Cards. But we shouldn't worry, as the Lee and Soriano make us feel that everything will be okay:

"Is it urgent?" asked first baseman Derrek Lee, whose 3-run homer in the third tied the game at 3-3. "I don't know about urgent. It's important. These are important games.

"Just like that, you're 41/2 back. It's dangerous territory."

One word might be "dangerous." Left fielder Alfonso Soriano had another.

"We've got to turn around and try to win tomorrow and try to win the last three games left because if we do not win these games, it can be very ugly."

I guess they're not exactly reassuring statements.  And I'm not sure if Lou's trying to stay positive or just doesn't have the energy for negativity anymore:

The players were harder on themselves than manager Lou Piniella, who said "it just wasn't a very good game."

"Why disappointed?" he asked a questioner. "Everything is 'disappointed' or 'frustrated.' Are we pleased with the way we played? No, but we have to come out and play [Saturday]."

I'm sure this was before the game, but the Fonz is feeling good after his two days off, and is looking forward to three more next week:

Although he was unhappy Wednesday at his unexpected day off, Soriano said Friday the "two days off cleared my mind, so I feel very clear in my mind right now."


"I work hard every day to get out of this slump because it's never happened to me before," he said. "The hitting coach, the manager give me a lot of motivation. I hope the negative has already happened."

Soriano is 6-for-15 in his last four games and is showing signs of coming around.

He was not chosen to play in the All-Star Game -- for good reason.

"It feels weird because the last seven years I go to the All-Star Game," he said. "I'm so happy I'm not going because I don't have a very good first half and I think those three days [off] will help me for the second half."

With not a lot to look forward to, another setback has occured, with Geovany Soto slated for the DL. Whatever shall the Cubs do?

The Cubs had hoped to claim Chris Coste off waivers from the Phillies, but the Astros beat them to it, leaving them without an immediate Plan B. They could go to Triple-A Iowa where Mark Johnson is injured and Chris Robinson and Steve Clevenger have been sharing duties. None of them are on the major-league roster.

And not so fast on the Halladay to the Cards trade:

The Cardinals are among the teams believed to be very interested in Toronto ace Roy Halladay, although insiders believe they do not have enough talent to satisfy trade demands. He and Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter, an ex-teammate, are best of friends.


Rumors from the Pirates' front office are that Freddy Sanchez -- a man just named as an All-Star reserve, becoming the first Pirates player to be a three-time All-Star -- may very well be the subject of a trade with....yes...the Cubs.  The trade bait?  Unnamed "young talent" (please be Aaron Miles, please be Aaron Miles).  Let's hope it's true, and that the Seattle Times is not right.  Updates to follow as warranted....



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MLBfan said:

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Obviously this would not be fair to the other guys in the organization, but it would be a hoot if they called up Michael Brenly to catch with Geo out. I've watched Michael play a few times this season, the kid is pretty good.

Umbra said:


"two days off cleared my mind, so I feel very clear in my mind right now."

Two monks were arguing about a flag. One said: `The flag is moving.'

The other said: `The wind is moving.'

The sixth patriach happened to be passing by. He told them: `Not the wind, not the flag; mind is moving.'

JulieDiCaro said:


In case you missed it above, there are rumors, reportedly from the Pirates' front office, that Freddy Sanchez -- a man just named as an All-Star reserve, not to mention being voted one of Pittsburgh's 25 most beautiful people, may very well be the subject of a trade with....yes...the Cubs. The trade bait? Unnamed "young talent" (please be Aaron Miles, please be Aaron Miles). Updates to follow as warranted (check the Twitter feed also)...

FrankS said:


And the Bulls are getting Carlos Boozer.

I suppose if the Cubs paid 100% of Miles remaining salary, the Pirates might be talked into taking him, but they'll probably still insist on getting two or more Cub prospects in the deal as well. The question is who are the Pirates after? Vitters?

JulieDiCaro said:


i say we offer donnie veal, tyler colvin, and aaron miles. i'd be willing to throw heilman into the mix, too.


Fargo said:


Am I missing something? Sanchez is a 2nd baseman...why do we need him?

JulieDiCaro said:


Because the 2nd baseman we have now hasn't hit above .230 all season?

I would kill for Freddy Sanchez.

JulieDiCaro said:


Whoa---maybe not. I just got a look at his contract:

From Gordon Eades @ Yahoo:

Freddy Sanchez was in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ lineup Friday night, putting to rest any thought that the second baseman would be traded in the next 24 hours. The Giants remain the team showing the most interest, according to one source with direct knowledge of the negotiations, while the Twins appear to be more of a long shot. There’s a third team involved from the National League Central, the source said (the Cubs?), although Sanchez’s contract, which calls for his $8 million option in 2010 to kick in automatically if he reaches 635 plate appearances this season, is giving pause to his suitors.

The last thing we need is another overpaid potentially-mediocre player on our roster. I'd like to rent him for the rest of the season, though.

JulieDiCaro said:


Looks like Sam Fuld will be recalled to replace Geo Soto.

MLBfan said:

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Hopefully, Lou will put Fuld in the line-up and not bench him when he is being productive.

JulieDiCaro said:


i'm at my parents' house out in the country today, and i'm going to try not to think about the cubs for the rest of the weekend.

Fargo said:


Doin pretty good today-I've only been able to listen instead of watch-my Fox station is showing the Sox vs. the Twins.

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