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Blue-ear Pig Disease Hits 25 Provinces In China

In an attempt to destroy Randy Wells' sanity, the pigpen strikes again.

Instead of basking in the customary beer shower after the first major-league victory, Cubs pitcher Randy Wells probably wanted to hit something a little harder Tuesday night after watching the team's allegedly best relievers blow a seemingly safe lead as the Cubs fell 6-5 to the Atlanta Braves in 12 innings.

"That's baseball," Wells said. "Stuff will happen. You can't sulk."

Carlos Marmol suffered command problems again, and closer Kevin Gregg allowed a game-tying home run to Jeff Francoeur in the ninth as the Cubs frittered away a 5-0 lead in the eighth.

What may have made this extra sucky?

Not only did Wells appear ready to celebrate his first win as a big-league pitcher, he had something even more special going on most of the night.

Wells zipped through the first 10 Braves batters before hitting Escobar (although replays showed the ball hit the bat), and it wasn't until Jones singled with two outs in the seventh inning that Wells allowed a hit.

Get well soon, Milty!

Milton Bradley suffered a leg injury while running out a ground ball in the fourth inning of Tuesday's Cubs-Braves game at Turner Field, and was removed after the inning.

Bradley strained his right calf and is day to day, the Cubs said.

Bradley hit a high chopper to second baseman Kelly Johnson and tried to leg out a hit. He began limping after crossing first base, and walked gingerly back the the dugout.

Big Z, you got some 'splainin' to do:

Five days after receiving a six-game suspension for "violent and inappropriate" conduct, Carlos Zambrano found himself in hot water again on Tuesday.

But this time Zambrano is in trouble with Cubs management and his teammates rather than Major League Baseball because he blew off the team flight to Atlanta on Monday without permission. It was not known what his reason was for missing the departure.

Zambrano arrived at the ballpark Tuesday afternoon and was summoned into manager Lou Piniella's office before the game for a meeting that lasted about five minutes. He wasn't in the clubhouse after the game as he is serving his six-game suspension

Piniella didn't say what the meeting was about and assistant general manager Randy Bush had no comment. General manager Jim Hendry is preparing for next week's amateur draft and is not with the team.

It's not all gloom and doom, as Rich Harden looked good in his bullpen session:

Rich Harden cleared an important hurdle Tuesday in his efforts to return to the Cubs' rotation from the disabled list, throwing a 33-pitch bullpen session that encouraged pitching coach Larry Rothschild and the medical staff.

''It went really well,'' said Harden, who added the midback pain is gone. ''I'm good.''

Harden, who last pitched May 17, is to throw a longer pen on Thursday and then either throw a simulated game or a make a minor-league rehab start a few days after that.

Barring a setback, that could put him on pace for a return to the rotation when the team returns home for a three-game series June 12-14 against Minnesota.

And the Fonz isn't blaming his knee for his struggles at the plate:

''It's not the problem,'' he said of the 6-for-48 (.125) skid . ''It's because I'm swinging at bad pitches.''

Honesty is quite refreshing sometimes, no?

And don't forget about LOHO day at Wrigley, Saturday, June 13. Our fearless blogmistress may even have an extra ticket or two, so if you're interested, please let her know!



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JulieDiCaro said:


I don't know what is going on with like, half this team and ESPECIALLY Z, but they'd better get it sorted right quick.

It's always something. Damn, they put me in a bad mood.

Ted Lilly Fan Club said:


Cheer Up. A 5' 10" Dynamo with mythical abs and a whiplash inducing Uncle C is 'bout to take the ball.

Once again, Cub Nation turns its wary eyes to Ted MF'in Lilly.

Max Power said:


As always, the TLFC is there to find the bright spot. Scotch also does that for me.

millertime said:


My big question is, was that in fact Ted Lilly pitching last night in disguise as Randy Wells?

Doc said:


Wow...after the no hitter was broke up and the 7th inning was over, I turned the game off...I just assumed we would win. You'd think after all these years I would have known better.

Little Bear said:


That is what I should have done. I can't believe they lost like that. It was pretty bad even for this team right now.

millertime said:


Yes, last night turned into one of those comical "They're not actually going to, oh wait, they just did".

However, last night we learned one important thing:

I am very close to developing magical powers. I predicted the Soriano home run, and even told WELS he'd better throw a no-hitter to earn the respect of CJ. I think that Ted Lilly energy drink (Tedergy!!!!!!) really does cause magical side effects. Thanks once again to Ted.

J Pep said:


I did notice there were a few predictions made last night that came true or very close to coming true.

JulieDiCaro said:


i have to admit, i know people were getting disgusted and stomping off last night, but i spent most of the 8th and 9th innings laughing. that loss could not have been any worse/more comical.

Ted Lilly Fan Club said:


It's possible Randy Wells is Ted Lilly tossing Righty. In fact if you rearrange "Randy Wells" you get "Ryan Lewds" which was Ted Lilly's stage name when he preformed the role of Hamlet in Hamlet at the Kennedy Center a few years back... we'll investigate further and get back to you. Nice catch, TedHeads!

summerguy said:


Is it bad that I predicted the Cubs bullpen would blow it with a 5 run lead?

Because as soon as Marmol let in a run... I go, well I guess Randy Wells winning a game just isn't meant to be.

summerguy said:



What the fuck is wrong with this team?

We are at about the 1/3 mark of the season.

Soto= needs to benched in favor of Koyie for a while

Bradley= finally starts hitting the ball... gets hurt, go figure. But at least REEDZ was swingin a hot bat so this doesn't hurt as much.

Lee= FINALLY starting to get things together. Between him and Theriot, they are the Cubs entire offensive force right now.

Fontenot= starting to swing the bat, thank god.

Jake Fox... I just have to say I'm sick and tired of hearing bullshit excuses for not starting Jake Fox. I'm done with his "lack of defense" because we need the production more and I'm sure he'll do an average job at 3rd base. No more Andres Blanco. Put Fontenot back at 2nd and Fox at 3rd.

When 1/3 of the season has passed and 1/2 of your team is STILL SLUMPING SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON... I think we might have some problems.

JulieDiCaro said:


oh we've got a lot of problems. if 90% of hitting is mental (which I've never understood--I'm pretty sure that, even at my mentally-fittest, I'm not going to be able to Glenallen Hill-it out onto the rooftops) and no one is hitting, but they are storming the mound from the dugout, getting suspended, missing planes, and generally just playing like the Little Sisters of the Poor, we have come BIG PROBLEMS.

i'm starting to hate this team almost as much as the 2004 team.

summerguy said:


I am seeing way to many similarities to the 2004 team than I would like.

I'm just waiting for Ronnie to finally go crazy in the booth and start bashing players for their play and some player getting pissed off and calling up to the booth.

flyball said:


but 2004 we were in first place at some point, or more exactly, we were in first place, and pretty late in the season, definitely still in July and I think early September

this team isn't even up to that standard

JulieDiCaro said:


and i think we all know who that player will be.

Doc said:


and for those of you who actually don't know who that player will be...

It will be Uncle Milty, who is our savior.

summerguy said:


Some savior

flyball said:


I got home in the 9th last night, and thought for a brief moment that I was going to be able to see an exciting extra innings win, and then reality set in, and the knowledge that I was watching the Cubs

also I got home at the exact time as my new roommate, who I'm now pretty sure thinks I'm just a little off of center

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