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Sunday Morning Headlines/Open Thread

I wish our Cubs were this fierce.

So, how did the game go?

Errors, bad fundamentals, poor approaches at the plate and some glaring base-running gaffes combined to make this one of the ugliest games of the season.

All four Cincinnati runs were unearned, including three off Ryan Dempster in the first after a Fontenot error. Dempster lasted six innings, but the Cubs wasted another strong starting performance.

"I wish I could've picked Font up there," Dempster said. "It just sucks to lose a game like that."
Welcome to the Cub fandom, folks.

What's Lou's take on all of this?

The extended loss of Aramis Ramirez has about stretched the Cubs to the limit -- or at least manager Lou Piniella's patience after they blew easy scoring chances and turned another should've-been victory into a loss Saturday night.

''Do I need to keep rehashing this every night? I don't really need to,'' Piniella said. ''You all see it. Write what you see, and that's it. What can I do? I don't know what to do. We keep putting different lineups out there. We keep trying different things.

''I've said sooner or later it's got to get better. I still cling to that. But, boy, it's not fun to watch, I can tell you that.''

And what would our headline be without some drama from Zambrano?

It's not often a pitcher earns his 100th career victory and then announces his retirement -- at age 28.

But that's the bombshell Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano would have you believe based on what sounded like a serious response to a question about his 100th win, 2-1 over the Cincinnati Reds on Friday night, in the context of Randy Johnson's 300th a day earlier.

'For 300, me? No, I'll be out of here in five years,'' said Zambrano, who is three years younger than Johnson was when the Big Unit won his 100th.

After his response drew laughter, Zambrano added, ''No, believe me. After this contract I'm done. ... I'm serious. Because I don't want to play anymore.''



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kiwibob said:


Hey.... That Cub on the left appears to be eating his own foot.

Kurt Evans said:


No, he's clearly kicking himself in the face.

kiwibob said:


The one on the right can't even look...
I know how he feels

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


I sure am glad I couldn't make it to Cincinnati last night.

flyball said:


Z is really on a roll this season isn't he

Umbra said:


At least Brad Lidge is terrible. We can have that as consolation.

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