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Ozzie Tells Cubs Fans Not To Panic

MLB: MAY 01 White Sox at Rangers

Ozzie wants you all to relax:

"They've got a good ballclub," White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said. "All respect for St. Louis, Milwaukee, all those teams, the Cubs are going to be in the pennant race. People in Chicago, relax. Quit panicking. Worry about something else. Worry about the family, kids going back to school and having good grades. Don't worry about the Cubs. They'll be fine."

But wait! Lou, being not a dragon, isn't so sure:

General manager Jim Hendry fired hitting coach Gerald Perry on Sunday and now, Piniella is targeting his lineup, although he didn't specify what changes might be coming. Dropping the struggling Soriano from the top of the order could be an option, although he's not the only underachiever. The lineup is filled with players who have successful track records, which makes this even more perplexing.

"For the most part, they are proven hitters," Piniella said.

They're just not, um, hitting.

"We've got a lot of good hitters," Soriano said. "I don't know what's going on. I don't know if there's a lot of pressure in this clubhouse or what, but what I see is not fun."

Indeed. It is NOT fun.

Word has it Soriano might be getting the break we all think he needs. Oh, and, for some reason, we're still looking at Pedro Martinez. Because that should solve all our problems. It's Tuesday night, and this is your open thread.



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Doc said:


hmm...I didn't know Pedro could play 2nd or 3rd. But if he could hit .230, it might be worth it to put him out there. We sure as hell don't need him to pitch for us.

jtbwriter said:


Gee-I feel soooo much better knowing Ozzie's opinion. Now maybe he'll do something about the favorite catch phrase "Hawk" used ad nauseam during the Cubs/Sox debacle. If you don't know what it is...you're lucky! Sigh..would Lou was a dragon!

gravedigger said:


at least he was being kind of nice. in a backhanded compliment sort of way.

MillsChC said:


Is Ozzie implying that Cubs fans are the ones most likely to have kids that have to go to summer school... or is he just generalizing based on his knowledge of White Sox fans' family situations.

HoboHanson said:


Has there been any talk of Pedro in the bullpen? Or is he trying to only come back as a starter? I would not mind him at all in the pen if his body can handle it.

millertime said:


Well, whatever Ozzie says, that should be what we should do.

jtbwriter said:


Nice irony, millertime! Maybe someone should tell Z he's a dragon and see if that "fires" him up for pitching today! LOL!

Anyone know if we're stuck with Hawk and Stoney again?

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