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Chicago Cubs Headlines for Tuesday

Monday night, the Cubs went to Atlanta with a chance to build on the momentum from the weekend series sweep.  But rather than whip us into a frenzy, the likes of which have been unknown since the last 5-game winning streak, the Cubs chose to get shut out in Atlanta, 2-0.

After winning four straight with runs aplenty, they went back to their old ways, pounding out 10 hits but none when it really counted.

And so, after a 2-0 loss Monday on a one-day trip to Atlanta, they still aren't sure if their recent "run" of success was a fluke or the real thing.

And Dempster is the new Randy Wells:

Dempster was the hard-luck loser -- again. In his last five starts, he has a 1.65 earned-run average but just one victory.

"I lost before and I'll lose again," he said. "I also won some games where I didn't pitch well."

Because I lack creativity, we'll turn once again to the segment What Did Lou Say?

"We got enough hits," Piniella said. "We just didn't hit with men on base. (Javier) Vazquez pitched well. Both starting pitchers pitched well.

"But when you get 10 hits, you figure you'll score a few. We just didn't do it."

That wasn't a very good segment this time. Maybe Lou will have more to say after tonight's game. At some point, Lou said that Ramirez would start taking batting practice while the Cubs are in Detroit. I missed it, but it doesn't appear to be so:

Manager Lou Piniella said Ramirez, out since May 9 with a dislocated left shoulder, would start taking live batting practice as soon as the next three days in Detroit.

"I don't know yet," Ramirez said. "I don't know where Lou got that from. But I'm getting close. I just don't have a day yet."

So is there a timetable on live batting practice for Ramirez?

Ramirez has gone from dry swings with a light fungo bat to real swings with his real bat in soft-toss drills. The next step, live batting practice, should come on this road trip to Detroit and the South Side. Maybe. And then comes a minor-league rehab stint of a few days.

Speaking of shoulders, are Soto's shoulder woes finally a thing of the past?

Catcher Geo Soto might finally have that sore shoulder that hampered him in the spring and early season completely behind him.

When he threw out Atlanta's Nate McLouth at third base on a strike-'em-out, throw-'em-out double play to end the third inning Monday night, McLouth became the seventh victim of Soto's arm in the last 11 attempts.

But the trip to Atlanta wasn't kind to REEDZ!:

Outfielder Reed Johnson aggravated his sore back on the flight to Atlanta, and the Cubs plan to give him most or all of the Detroit series off hoping he'll be ready for the weekend series against the White Sox and potentially two lefty starters.

Everyone knows that I like to end each day's headlines with a bit of heartwarming news.  Today's comes to us courtesy of the Ryan Dempster family:

Certainly, that's the case for one of these Cubs, pitcher Ryan Dempster, whose latest tough loss -- 2-0 in Monday's rainout makeup game in Atlanta -- was tempered by the homecoming he'll have today, when he returns to Chicago and joins his wife Jenny and toddler son Brady in bringing home 2½-month-old Riley from the hospital for the first time.

''It's a big day. It's been a long time coming,'' said Dempster after pitching his fifth straight quality start only to come up without a win for the fourth time in that stretch because of a lack of hitting. ''It's been 12 weeks. It'll be nice to have her home.''

A week after she was born April 1, Riley was diagnosed with DiGeorge's Syndrome, which affects her ability to swallow and digest food, forcing her to remain hospitalized for treatment, tests and medical procedures, as she has gradually gained strength enough for today.

''She has a pretty good fighting spirit, that's for sure,'' Dempster said. ''She's a pretty resilient little kid. She's pretty cool.''



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thisyearcub said:


That's awesome about Dempster's daughter. Amazing he's been able to pitch well through all of that.

Julie, why do you think he's making a break for what you call "Dumpster" territory? He's just not getting run support. The pitching is definitely there.

abe frohman said:


More Fox, less Miles.
For reals.

abe frohman said:


I just heard on ESPN1000 that Depmster was set to come out after the 6th but the pinch hitter to lead off would have been Miles, so Lou let Demp hit for himself.

How's that taste, Aaron?

flyball said:


haha, its not like it was Zambrano either, Dempster has a .091 lifetime BA and only 3 hits this season, ouch Miles

thisyearcub said:


Methinks Miles is nearing his end with the Cubs ... especially when A-Ram comes back.

It will be a joyous day, like when Cedeno or Pie left.

gravedigger said:


"She's pretty cool."

hilarious. i love that he calls his daughter "cool."

thisyearcub said:


Actually, the most joyous day is when Izturis left. I danced.

flyball said:


Izturis, oh the memories, remember when they tried to tell us how good he was going to be?

gravedigger said:



flyball said:


I finally gain a little confidence in this team and they let me down with a shot out to Atlanta

what's up with that?

flyball said:


oops, shut out

ozi said:

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