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Cubs vs. White Sox

I don't even know where to begin with a game recap from yesterday, so I'll just give you the Daily Herald's recap with no block quoting. Now on to the juicy stuff...

The Cubs think that the Sox have a clubhouse leak, after the revelation of some of "conversation" between Lou and Milton on Friday:

Cubs pitching coach Larry Rothschild confronted a White Sox clubhouse employee Saturday over an alleged leaking of the Lou Piniella-Milton Bradley argument. He was told no Sox employee who worked in the clubhouse spoke to the media about the incident, though Bradley and the Cubs believe otherwise.

I know you're all wondering, What Did Lou Say? And this one goes two ways: what did Lou say Friday, and what did Lou say yesterday.

Piniella said the vocal altercation in which he called Bradley "a piece of [expletive]" lasted only a few seconds and should have been kept private.

"We have the sanctity of the clubhouse here, and I'm disappointed something like that gets out," Piniella said. "There are a lot of heated things in the clubhouse at times. They should just stay there."

And in case you were worried, Lou and Milty are BFFs again:

Meanwhile, Bradley and Piniella met and patched things up long before Saturday's game - not that they felt there was anything to mend.

"He needs to relax and let his ability flow," Piniella said. "Personally, I like the guy. He's a bright kid. A good-looking young man. He's trying too hard."

And Milty showed some personality with reporters during batting practice yesterday:

When Bradley emerged from the Cubs clubhouse for batting practice early Saturday afternoon - his first appearance on U.S. Cellular soil since manager Lou Piniella ordered him to go home during Friday's game - he noticed a handful of photographers eager to chronicle the moment.

Did Bradley hide? Suggest a hot place they might want to visit?

No, no. Instead, he turned the moment into an impromptu supermodel gig. He took off his sunglasses, posed with his hand on his blue cap and even made sure the photogs shot "the better side" of his face.

In other words, he had fun with the whole thing.

Not only have Milty and Lou reunited, but Lou's got another new friend:

Rookie Jake Fox is growing on Piniella, in part for his outgoing personality and in much larger part for his big hitting.

After six hits, including a pair of homers, the previous two games, Piniella had Fox in Saturday's lineup as the DH, batting fifth. He flied out five times to center.

''Basically, players make out the lineup in a way, and he's making out the lineup for me,'' Piniella said. ''And he's got confidence. He's got a freshness to him, got a little cockiness to him. I get a chuckle out of him.''

Oh, and one last thing... Mark DeRosa is now a Cardinal:

Mark (so to speak) July 10 on your calendars. The St. Louis Cardinals visit Wrigley Field on that Friday, and if that wasn't big enough, Mark DeRosa will be wearing No. 7 for the Redbirds.

As most of you probably know by now, the Cards obtained THE MOST POPULAR CUB EVER from the Indians in exchange for reliever Chris Perez and a player to be named.

The Cubs never really were close to reacquiring DeRosa, whom they they traded to the Indians for three minor-league pitching prospects on New Year's Eve.



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secdelahc said:


Sigh. It's going to be hard to continue to love DeRosa now that he's a Cardinal. Do you think the Redbirds would trade him to us for Aaron Miles?

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


I like your thinking... maybe we could toss in David Patton.

secdelahc said:


Or Kevin Hart.

MLBfan said:

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What a bad day for the Cubs. 1st Beckham beats them in the bottom of the 9th then their beloved DeRo is traded to the enemy. At least, Milt and Lou are BFF and working together on being good Christians. The Cards are tough now, but image if they can acquire Holliday too. Watch out!!!!

secdelahc said:


That was a game they should have won. The Sox made three errors in that game, and they couldn't take advantage of it. While it was nice to see the offense actually score some runs, it would have been better if the pitching could also have held the Sox.

MLBfan said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

There have been a lot of games the Cubs "should" have won this season, but the bull pen is crap.

canopygrl said:


What is with the "A good-looking young man" comment? Does Lou think the other guys on the team are not so good looking? Lou, you make me wonder what your thinking sometimes.

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


I love when Lou makes comments like that. He's really a treasure to have, if only for his quotes.

summerguy said:


Well... its deals like these [DeRosa] that help you run away with the division...

I hope to god the Cubs get Aubrey Huff now or a good reliever. We need help bad.

summerguy said:


How much does this season remind you all of 2005? Minus the Neifi... although Neifi did well for us in 2005 filling in for Nomar. So I guess Fontenot is doing worse... than Neifi Perez for the Cubs.

Rich Beckman said:


Most popular Cub ever?!?!?!?!?

I don't think so.

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