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Chicago Cubs Headlines for Friday

Am I alone in being suprised that DLee is still so spry?

For those of you who missed the big comeback (like I always say you WILL if you stomp off early), a recap:

It was only one game, and all it did was get them back to .500 for the season, but the nature of the Cubs' 6-5 victory over the White Sox in Thursday's Game 2 of the City Series -- they trailed 5-1 after 7 1/2 innings -- made it feel like a pretty important triumph.

Or maybe the feeling was one of relief. If they had lost 5-1, undone by another round of anemic hitting, their dispiriting descent into mediocrity would have continued.

Instead, Derrek Lee delivered one of his biggest home runs as a Cub, a three-run, eighth-inning basket traveler off Scott Linebrink that made it a 5-4 game. Then Geovany Soto followed with a left-field blast off Linebrink, and just like that the game was tied and Wrigley Field was alive again.

I don't know about the rest of you, but each and every day, I try to set aside a little quiet time to thank the Big Guy that Scott Linebrink exists in my universe. If my kids' school ever mandates a moment of silence, this is what I will teach them to use that time for, as well.

Soriano has been in Chicago for three years, and Ronsenbloom finally gets the Happy Days Joke. As usual, LOHO was way out in front on this one. This priceless work of art by our own Abe Frohman appeared on LOHO two seasons ago:


Just sayin'.

Groggles has a new strategy: trying to endear himself to the masses by talking about how much he ALSO loves Kerry Wood:

Like everyone else on the North Side, Kevin Gregg is looking forward to Friday's return of Kerry Wood, the popular Cub management cast aside in November.

Though he was acquired from Florida on the day the Cubs announced they would not re-sign Wood, and though he eventually took Wood's closer role, Gregg doesn't like to hear he was brought in to replace the franchise legend.

"I didn't replace Kerry Wood," Gregg said. "They brought me over here, and then they made a decision. He was a closer for a year, but what he had done for this organization and the years he put in here, you can't say enough about him.

"You don't really see that kind of loyalty by the players and ownership any more, to stay with a guy like Kerry who had his bumps and grinds throughout his career here. He's an outstanding pitcher, and an outstanding person from everything I've heard."

Nice try. It won't work, Groggles!

Lou decides that our problem this season is a lack of bsing by the players:

Lou Piniella recalled his playing days, when players typically would hang around the clubhouse long after the final out had been recorded "just talking hitting and baseball."

Those days are long gone. Most players head for the exit soon after their showers and obligatory media interviews. Many teams, including the Cubs, ban beer and other forms of alcohol in the clubhouse, beverages that used to entice players to hang around.

"One of the things that's missing from baseball ... when I played, we would sit after the ballgame in the clubhouse and talk baseball, and talk hitting," Piniella said. "And [say], 'Hey, listen, I have trouble with this particular pitcher. What do you do against him?' And we would have a lot of interaction. Now, guys go in different directions. But it has been that way for a while. This just didn't start yesterday, or this year. The more interaction you have, the better."

I agree in theory that this could be helpful Lou, on say, the 1927 Yankees. However, you have Aaron Miles and Mike Fontenot on your team. Do you really want them influencing other players' at bats by throwing in their two cents? And do you really think one of these bs sessions would take place without Milty getting somehow offended and picking a fight with someone?

Let's be realistic.

We're under a severe thunderstorm warning until 3:00 today, so whether or not the game gets in today is questionable. In case it does, I'll reiterate my pledge that, should the Cubs take 2 of 3 from the Indians, I will never again publicly lament the trade of Mark DeRosa.



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JulieDiCaro said:


Story of the Day:


14 major NHL hockey players are suing a developer named Kenneth Jowdy for allegedly screwing them out of millions of dollars -- and then blowing the cash on escorts, strippers and private jet rides for some of the biggest names in Major League Baseball history.

The players claim they each invested between $250,000 - $500,000 with Jowdy -- who allegedly promised to use their money to develop a luxury golf course and resort.

Instead, the suit alleges the money was blown on private jets, 5-star hotels, and parties with various female porn stars, escorts, strippers, party girls and other women for MLB greats like "Roger Clemens, Reggie Jackson, Joe Morgan and Pete Rose (to name a few)."

The NHL players are suing for at least $15 million.

UPDATE: Joe Morgan just sent us this statement: "It's unethical to use my name when I never went to any of those parties, nor was I involved in any other activities."

I love the idea of Joe Morgan on a private jet with a bunch of porn stars.

flyball said:


its a little annoying that after the win they might get rained out again

stupid rain

JulieDiCaro said:


so far, it looks like the storms are all hitting north of the city, so we might skate by on this one.

flyball said:


it seems like hte team can't get on any kind of roll when it comes to hitting and winning, and days off after a good win, and rainouts cannot help that

flyball said:


I hope so, I could use a game to listen to today

JulieDiCaro said:


me too.

thisyearcub said:


Gregg has better numbers than Wood in every category except walks (they're tied with 13) and blown saves (tied with two). For me, that speaks for itself.

Also, first the underage country star, now the porn stars/party girls. I'm looking forward to the inevitable Debbie Clemens tell-all.

flyball said:


I bet the cover is bedazzled

JulieDiCaro said:


debbie really ought to be the patron saint of professional wives.

JulieDiCaro said:


so you think this team is better off with kevin gregg than kerry wood?

thisyearcub said:


I think they're a wash. With Gregg's better numbers overall, the trade for him and letting Wood walk is looking fine by me.

I don't think having Wood on this team this year would have changed any of the outcomes.

JulieDiCaro said:


wow--if money were no object, i'd take kerry every day of the week and twice on sunday.

flyball said:


but Matt, its Kerry Wood!

ok, soI think it was the right decision, but I still await when he eventually retires (hopefully not for awhile) and returns to Wrigley to sing the stretch and hangs out at spring training

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