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Yesterday, pmayo brought our attention to an article practically accusing Theriot of juicing.  Today, Paul Sullivan writes a rebuttal.

After meeting with a Cubs official, Theriot decided to address the article, calling it "comical."
"I kind of laugh a little bit," he said. "I guess everybody is entitled to their own opinion. It's unfortunate, like I said the other day, that it has come to this. But I guess you can write whatever you want to write, and it's up to the readers to formulate their own opinion."

Pitcher Ryan Dempster said he understood no one was accusing Theriot of taking performance-enhancing drugs. But he believed that linking Theriot's name to the steroids issue was reckless journalism and that Theriot deserved an apology.

"I think it's insulting," Dempster said. "I know it's all in fun, and 'Ha, ha, ha,' but in today's game ... to me, I think that's just a poor way of [making the point], because somehow, someway, someone will take that article seriously.

Marshall is going to skip a start, according to the Sun-Times.

The Cubs' pitching rotation changes because of Friday's rainout, with Randy Wells starting today and Rich Harden on Sunday instead of left-hander Sean Marshall. Marshall will move to the bullpen for several days and skip a rotation turn, starting again on Thursday in the finale of a three-game series in St. Louis.

Marshall's road record is 1-1 with a 3.75 ERA in four games, two of them starts.

The Houston Astros will stay with Roy Oswalt (1-2, 4.50 ERA) as today's starter against Wells. Brian Moehler (0-2, 8.44), who was scheduled to start Friday, will start Sunday instead.

Here's a feel-good story about Bobby Scales from the Daily Herald.

Scales is making the most of his first taste of the big time, hitting .444 (8-for-18), and he has a six-game hitting streak, the longest by a Cub beginning a career since Jerome Walton hit in his first seven games in 1989. He was in the starting lineup again Friday before the game was washed out.

A lot of self-confidence and maybe a little stubbornness kept Scales from packing it in.

"I don't mean any disrespect to any guys who got called up before me or called up over me," he said, "but certain guys would get called up every year, and I'd see those guys and say to myself, 'I can play with that guy. I can play better than that guy.' It's not a slap in their face, it's just my competitive fire and believing what I could do. I never once thought I couldn't play or that I didn't have enough ability."

But Scales, more than anyone, knows talent isn't always enough.

"A lot of times I wondered if I'd ever get the opportunity," he said. "Those two things are sometimes mutually exclusive. There are guys sitting at home right now, guys working real jobs, who are quite possibly better players than I was or am right now."

And finally, some fun with The Heckler.

After Friday night's nasty shoulder injury sidelined third baseman Aramis Ramirez for at least a month, Cubs manager Lou Piniella would like to know if you're available to fill in tonight against the Brewers.

"I heard the kid played a little infield in high school, which is more than I can say about any of the other people I can plug in that spot tonight," Piniella said about you. "And if he's not doing anything, it would be great if he could play. We'd bat him sixth."

While you've always dreamed about playing for the Cubs, you're starting to think now might not be the best time for you to give it a shot. You're 42, a little overweight and haven't picked up a bat in nearly 10 years.

"Oh what the hell," you said. "Could be fun. I was going to the game anyway. I'll bring my glove."



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