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Hey, you didn't f*ck it up! Congrats!

We beat the Dodgers! And only 8 months too late!
Lilly allowed only Matt Kemp's seventh-inning home run in his seven innings, but without Hill and Fox he couldn't have run his Wrigley Field record to 4-1 with a 1.29 ERA. He has won 11 of his last 15 decisions at home. "I've said it before -- there's an advantage with the crowd," Lilly said. "Whether you're a hitter or a pitcher, it's kind of nice playing here, especially with 40,000 people pulling for you."

Awww, Ted. We (heart) you, too. And not just because we're slightly terrified of you.

 Doug Melvin tries to pull a fast one on us, using Homer Simpson-level reverse psychology:

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Brewers general manager Doug Melvin said he's not talking to any teams about trades, dispelling the notion that Milwaukee is looking for a second baseman or in the hunt for Padres starter Jake Peavy. "We don't have any trade discussions going on with anybody," Melvin said Friday night before Milwaukee took on the Cincinnati Reds.

He shall be watched.


In worrisome news, apparently Soriano is injured and sucking it up in silence. Now I feel terrible for calling him out on not hitting:
Left fielder Alfonso Soriano was limping noticeably around the clubhouse Friday, with his left knee wrapped in ice. Before the Cubs' 2-1 victory over the Dodgers, manager Lou Piniella sounded concerned. "His knee's bothering him some," Piniella said. "The trainer hasn't told me he can't play. Soriano's a tough kid. He wants to play. If it persists, we might have to get him out of there for a few days." Soriano will hear none of it. "Monday," he said, referring to the upcoming off-day. "I don't like days off."

Duuuude. Me either. These people who read my blog get all whiny and want me to entertain them, plus I'm bored myself. Off-days suck.

It looks like Hill and Fox ruined Gordo's column about the bottom of the order not producing. But he went with it anyway:

On Friday, the bottom of the order did produce the team's only two runs, enough for the victory. But before the seventh-inning scoring, the struggles were apparent in the second inning when No. 4 hitter Lee walked and reached third on No. 5 hitter Micah Hoffpauir's double. Neither got any farther as No. 6 hitter Fontenot lined out, No. 7 Koyie Hill struck out (though he did homer later in the seventh), and No. 8 Andres Blanco popped out. In the fourth with the bases loaded and two outs, Blanco grounded out.

''I'm not into excuse-making,'' manager Lou Piniella said. ''You put a major-league lineup out there. ''But last year, one of the reasons we were successful is we got as much production out of our six-seven-eight hitters as anyone in baseball. That hasn't happened [this season]. If you rely on just a few people [in the middle] in your lineup, you'll struggle.''

Finally, The Heckler explains the White Sox/Peavy debacle better than anyone else could:

Peavy unwilling to give up 7-bedroom ocean side property for trailer in Bridgeview Padres ace Jake Peavy got the phone call he was expecting all winter Thursday morning when San Diego GM Kevin Towers informed Peavy that he had finally been traded to Chicago. "It was only 58 degrees here so I had the heat on full blast and didn't hear him tell me it was to the South Side," said Peavy. "I was packing my surfboard and Cy Young trophy and then heard him start talking about Camaros and wife-beaters."
The game is on FOX today at 3:10 CT. Please pray that I get some Eric Karros, because that's about the only thing that could make our lack of hitting palatable.



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Maim said:


Did you see Ted's t-shirt during the post game press conference?

JulieDiCaro said:


i couldn't tell what it said?

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


I think Buck and McCarver are doing the game, but maybe you'll get in-studio analysis from Karros.

secdelahc said:


I'm just hoping that I will get the Cubs and not some crappy other game.

secdelahc said:


Dammit!!! Who gives a flying fart about Minnesota and Tampa Bay? Why the hell do I never get the Cubs on FOX? Bastards.

baturkey said:


Where can you see what game you're going to get?

JulieDiCaro said:


ou can't quiet the riot" t-shirt.

though i think "can't quiet" would have a completely different meaning to them.

Maim said:


It said "Love Me Tender."

I'm pretty sure it was an order, not a request.

Carl Heartscubs Gierhan said:


Do you think the TLFC sent it to him?

gravedigger said:


i have the worst mosquito bite ever and it is making me want to kill someone.

summerguy said:


Yeah I didn't see the shirt either? Something badass?

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