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LOHO Community Project: All-Time Favorite Cubs

$50 says none of you know who this is

As some of you know, every week the guys over at the hilarious Wasting Away In Wrigleyville send out "community roundtable questions," wherein they ask a bunch of different bloggers to weigh in on a specific question. This week, the question is one that involves more effort than I'm generally willing to expend on a weekday, so I'm asking for your help.

cubbiejulie :: Community Project: All-Time Favorite Cub Team
Our task this week is to put together an all-time Cubs all-star team. The catch? I don't want players that are just good, I want you to list the players that you really LOVED. If you want Vance Law at 3B and Mitch Webster in CF, say it loud and proud. For example, I don't care how good Cap Anson was, the man was a blight on humanity and he's not coming anywhere NEAR our all-time all-star team.  

If we can reach any kind of consensus, I'll submit our team as the official "LOHO entry."

As I said, players will not be chosen on merit but on the love they managed to engender in the fans while here. To make hard decision easier, I'll even give you a DH.

Now get out there and stump for your favorite players.

My team:

Davey Martinez--CF Was there ever a player to inspire more hormone-driven love in the pre-teen crowd than Davey Martinez? Oh yes, there was. And he's batting next!

Mark Grace-1B--blond hair, green eyes, a cocky attitude and a batting average to match. I don't care how good you all think he was. He's my starter.

Raffy Palmeiro-LF--There are boys, and there are men. Raffy is like the guy you graduated to once you got over Davey Martinez and were ready for a real man. Kind of like when you eventually got over Davey Jones and moved on to Mickey Dolenz. He was even sexy when he was wagging his finger at Congress and lying through his teeth. Sigh. Dreamy.

Ron Santo--3B  Who doesn't love Ronny? If his on-field performance wasn't enough to get him here, his legendary broadcasting career does. How many broadcasters can burn their piece on the heating unit at Shea and still keep it in the rotation? Not many.

Ryne Sandberg-2B No explanation necessary.

Billy Williams--RF My all-time favorite Cub.

Ernie Banks--SS Believe it or not, this was a tough call for me. While I love Mr. Cub as much as anyone, I can't imagine he was nearly as entertaining to watch as Shawon Dunston throwing as hard as he could in Mark Grace's general direction. Hilarious.

Jody Davis--C  Everyone loves Jody.

Greg Maddux--Pitcher

My bench:

Eric Karros--1B (I'm so sorry Eric, but you were only here for a year! Not that it wasn't the best year of my life . . . )

Shawon Dunston--SS
Damon Berryhill--C
Glenallen Hill--Baseball (yes, I know he was on PEDs. I don't care)
Sammy Sosa--OF Yes, I hated him at the end. But when I loved him, I really REALLY loved him. I'm big enough to admit it.

Rest of the Rotation:
Mike Bielecki
Mordecai "Three-Finger" Brown
Kerry Wood--Closer

Go ahead and laugh. I just let you into a very private part of my soul, but go ahead.

I showed you mine. Now show me yours.



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