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Biggest Headline EVER

Guess what, dear?!?!

This morning the editorial staff here at LOHO is thrilled to announce something we've been sitting on for a while this Spring: LOHO is joining the ChicagoNow blog network.

We here at LOHO realize that most of us blogging geeks fear change, along with sunlight and being forced to move out of our parents' basements. But this change is going to be a good one: I promise. Why are we joining ChicagoNow? Mostly because it will enable us to reach a much wider audience, bringing our tiny little corner of Cubdom to many more fans. And they deserve it, don't you think? Just think of what your life was like before LOHO. Do you want to condemn thousands of other Cubs fans to such a fate? I thought not.

And, just to be clear, even though ChicagoNow is a division of Trib Co, LOHO maintains full editorial control of this site. I will not (nor have I been asked) to slant or write articles that favor the Cubs or Trib Co in any way. Moreover, I would not have agreed to join ChicagoNow if I felt there was a possibility that I would be pressured to do so. End of story.

When the switch takes place (within the week) the site will be in beta and won't officially "launch" until later in the summer. The new site will look a bit different and won't have all the bells and whistles right away but once you get past the change, you'll realize that it's still the same old LOHO: same people, same functions, same friendliest virtual pub on the internets.

We look forward to seeing every last one of you over there, in addition to lots of new faces. And don't think I won't grab a pitchfork and flashlight and hunt those of you who don't re-register down. "Ohana" means "family," and "family" means no one gets left behind (500 LOHO points to whoever gets that reference).

Now grab a box and get ready to start packing!

I suppose you people want your regular headlines, eh? Selfish jerks.

Very well then.

Hey, good news for us? It looks like Rickie Weeks is done for the season:

ST. LOUIS -- Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks will miss the rest of the season because of a tear in his left wrist, a severe setback for the NL Central leaders.

The Brewers are taking a real hit with the loss of Rickie Weeks. Heading into play Monday, Weeks was fifth among MLB second basemen in terms of slugging percentage this season.

Weeks, who had a similar injury to his right wrist in 2006, hurt himself while striking out Sunday in St. Louis. He left Busch Stadium wearing a brace and underwent an MRI exam Monday in Arizona that revealed the extent of the damage.

Uh. Perhaps we should let Milty sit again tonight? Also, I would just like to mention that weeks was on one of my fantasy teams. BOO!

Desperation is an ugly, ugly thing, people:

Bill Murray's lifelong love affair with the Chicago Cubs may turn into something more.

The actor and Wilmette native has met with Tom Ricketts, who is negotiating to buy the Cubs from Chicago Tribune parent Tribune Co., about investing in his favorite baseball team, multiple sources said.

As talks with Tribune Co. grind on, Ricketts, an investment banker who lives in Wilmette, has held separate discussions with a handful of celebrities to raise money from them and other wealthy Cubs fans willing to pony up as much as $25 million. In addition to Murray, he's met with Jim Belushi and John Cusack, said two sources familiar with Ricketts' proposal.

For the love of God, Tom Ricketts, there are for more palatable rich Cubs fans out there than Jim Belushi and John "I cheer for both teams!" Cusack. How about William Peterson? Bonnie Hunt? Eddie Veder? Mark Cuban? Please, I'm BEGGING you to choose someone else. Don't forever intertwine this franchise with "According to Jim" and "Blues Brothers 2000."



Oh, and stupid what's-his-face and the cheater are back:

With only two more series left with the Cardinals after the three-game set that starts Tuesday in St. Louis, the Cubs-Cardinals back-yard fight becomes even more interesting with St. Louis ace Chris Carpenter and center fielder Rick Ankiel expected back from the disabled list.

Carpenter, out since hurting his side while swinging a bat on April 14, is 7-3 lifetime against the Cubs. The Cardinals were 67-29 when Carpenter started during his first five seasons.

Ankiel, who was on the DL after running into an outfield wall May 4, should be back Wednesday to add some stability to an offense that was partly responsible for nine losses in 13 games through the weekend.

But we get Z back Friday, so mmmwwwllllaaaaah.

Carlos Zambrano didn't have an ideal rehab outing Sunday, but the Cubs ace said he will be ready to make his scheduled start Friday in San Diego.

Cubs and Cards tonight, kids. See you there.



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