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@mayoremanuel and my fake Thor Twitter account

One of the most closely-guarded secrets in recent Chicago memory was revealed today when Punk Planet founder Dan Sinker outed himself to the Atlantic as the voice behind the brilliant mayoremanuel Twitter handle.

Remember Dan's name: by the time you're done reading this, he'll probably have scored both a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster and development deal with HBO. Deservedly so, I might add.

I love parody Twitter accounts.  Most recently, I couldn't help but follow BeakerMeeps, a Twitter account written in the voice of Beaker, Muppet Labs assistant (sample Tweet:
"Meep meep meep! MEEP MEEPMEEP MEEP! #Libya").

Last November, I decided to use Twitter as an outlet for my own shortform creativity.  For reasons I can't explain, let alone remember, I started a Twitter account written in the voice of Thor, Norse god of thunder.

Since then, I've sporadically used @Thorhammertime as a vehicle to combine everything that interests me: pop culture, profanity, and comic books.

For example:

(1/27) *ahem* Mortal Charlie Sheen, must thou continue to reveal your Nidhogg to base harlots? Verily.

(12/13) Forsooth, I have the gayest villains ever: Piledriver? The Growing Man? Shatterfist? What this god wouldn't do for a Wendigo or Joker...

(12/6) Mine local radio station is playing the holiday songs of Jesus, friend to Asgard.

(11/18) Thanksgiving on Asgard is a feast worthy of the gods. Mutton. Oxen. Warm mead, lapped up from Karnilla's welcoming bosom.

Stupid stuff, for sure, but Tweeting as Thor amused me to no end. 

As fun as it was for me to fire off 140-character Thor blasts, I quickly learned that being clever and topical in the voice of a Viking god is a bit of a chore. That's another reason why Dan Sinker's work with @mayoremanuel is so impressive: he compellingly maintained and updated a separate Twitter account in a stranger's voice to a point where his followers couldn't wait to read what was coming next.




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